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New horn   General Discussion

Started Nov-20 by turnermw; 176 views.

From: turnermw


Well, my OEM horn has finally died. I would like to upgrade to something louder/better. Any suggestions?  Anything I should not use?  Thanks in advance. 


From: Zonker1972


stebel nautilus mini air horn. 


124dB. you will have to put in a relay but that is pretty easy.


Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


After being slapped down by an idiot driver in Maine and writing off my previous V-Star, I decided I wanted a bit more noise. I picked up a high-low set of Fiamm Freeway Blasters, and mounted them below the tank towards the triple tree. 130db each, less than 50 $Cdn for the pair. I put a relay on the existing horn circuit, and a line to the battery with a self-resetting slow-blow fuse. I always always always test my lighting and horn before I ride, but testing the horn in an enclosed space is a bit painful... mission definitely accomplished!

PS I also bought a cheap pair of white flashing LED lights, which I mounted facing forward on my crash guards. I used a 1-inch carpentry angle bracket to mount a pushbutton under the left hand control assembly, using an existing screw, and ran the wires through the existing sleeves. The lights have definitely caught the attention of motorists when I could not get eye contact. Another sub-$50 mod that has probably already prevented another collision.

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From: turnermw


I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the information. I ended up going with the Stebel air horn. Simple installation and super loud.