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asking for clarification on coil wiring   Technical-Bikes

Started Nov-27 by Craig (07bobber1100); 173 views.

Hey everyone-

I hope you are all having a good holiday weekend.  I had a quick question regarding the wiring of the two coils.  I have long since replaced my stock ignition and coils with Dynas.  However, I have had the bike partially dismantled for awhile, and just noticed that the wiring diagrams do not specify the front or rear coils.  It just shows that both coils share a red/black wire, and then an orange wire goes to one and a grey wire goes to the other.  Could someone please tell me which wire goes to which coil?  I tried the WKB first (as always) and it says that you should make a diagram before unhooking them- too late!  Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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Well, I think I found out the answer myself.  I try to take pics of my bike when I'm going to work on them.  I was lucky to find the ones I needed for this and other questions I have come across getting this bike back together.  Looks like the grey wire went to the front cylinder (on the left side) and the orange or red wire goes to the right (rear) coil.  I also found photos of the instructions that came with the replacement coils.  According to the Dyna installation instructions, these wires go to the clips NOT marked by the red dots.  


I definitely pays to take pics for reference.  I am happy to say that I am awaiting a new throttle cable and choke cable to arrive in the mail, then I should be able to button this baby up and get it back on the road- FINALLY!!!  :)