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Pod kit    Tuning&Exhaust:04cal/06 up

Started Dec-3 by steve (HERRICK123); 1144 views.
steve (HERRICK123)

From: steve (HERRICK123)


HELP! #1 flat stop at about 1/8 to 1/4 throttle some time will pop. If I give more throttle when taking off from start is ok, #2 Idle to slow when cold and to fast when warm.. Both happen after the pod kit was installed. 2005 1100 v-star just install pod kit. foam air filters, change main jets. clean and rejected main with what pod say to jet it to, synced carbs, spark plugs, plugs looked good, not rich at all.
I am thinking needle adjustment or a clogged in the carb. or a vacuum leaks. anyone had this? so I know what to try to fix this? pms screw set at 3 or 3.5 turns out can that be the problem?

What kind of PODs did you use? or did you build your own?  Did you upgrade the exhaust as well?  Did you install PMS with extended ends so you can adjust while carbs on bike?  Also, just walk back carefully through everything you did and make sure there are no leaks, (ie the o-rings at intake port not seated right)  

When you say the idle is too low when cold, do you use the choke to correct it?  Idle should be set when bike is warmed up 950-1050 RPMs I believe.  Most likely its a small thing.   Of course, there's lots of info on this subject in the WKB



steve (HERRICK123)

From: steve (HERRICK123)


I did my own pod kit, stock exhaust,stock PMS screws,main jets are  145.5/147.5 did what WKB says to set it up to .dont use choke when cold. it takes about 5 min. for idle to get fast. sound and feels like 1,400 rmp I would say. #1flat spot just off idle. if you give more gas off the line no flat spot then.

also, replace throttle cables then, but don't think that the high idle problem. and installed Barnett pressure plate. then also. the chart below looks like it may be the pms. don't know which way to try. it at 2.5 turns now. should I turn it in or out?

Well, I know there's a lot of guys on here that know this stuff better than me but you want to let it warm up first,, use the choke if you need to at first until it warms up. I know it's not exactly " a choke", but I'm just using the term.  Once it's warmed up, then take off the "choke" before setting the idle to around 1000 RPM +/-50.  using the vertical idle adjust screw on the left side of the carbs.  There's a great description of the process in the WKB under TUNING--> Pilot mixture screws.  The lean drop process is usually referenced to here.  If you're running lean, try turning the PMS screw counterclockwise 1/8th of a turn at a time on each side and see if that doesn't improve it.  All this stuff is really well covered in the WKB if you have a chance and haven't already read through it all.  Again, there are a lot of peeps on here much savvier than myself, hopefully, they'll chime in too.

If you don't have a tachometer, you can get a really reasonably priced Tiny-Tach for about $20 that does the job.   It just wraps around the spark plug wire.


From: Texpatriat


Craig (07bobber1100) said:

If you don't have a tachometer, you can get a really reasonably priced Tiny-Tach for about $20 that does the job. It just wraps around the spark plug wire.

Very good advice. There is really no excuse not to have a tack. Mine is stashed away behind the tool box cover. Out of harm's way and easy to see when playing with the carbs.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Pod kit jetting in the KB is set for K&N filters. Those UNI filters are a lot different. You're pretty much on your own figuring out jetting.

steve (HERRICK123)

From: steve (HERRICK123)


That's the problem then. I turn the PMS screws out to 3.5 from 2.5 help idle a little stronger in 1/8 throttle. put worst popping and jerking when taking off from a stop. plugs look lean to normal. I have to stop the popping and miss. I did find gas in the vacuum line to the front cyl. that seen strange? I have not checked tps yet? have new plugs. Run strong from 1/4 to full throttle. I also removed the o-rings from the bottom of the carb. bowls fuel cut selenoids o rings can that cause this ? 

Mick, you're sharp on these. what have you seen that cause this? Do you think I should try bigger jets? I have 145 back 147.5 front. Can it be a lean backfire? 

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I would suggest getting K&N's so we can help. You are in uncharted territory.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Like Donn said, you're in uncharted territory. I have no idea of the flow on those filters. Best bet would be to take it to a dyno......then you;d know where you're at.

There shouldn't be fuel in the vacuum line. You may have some carb issues as well.

steve (HERRICK123)

From: steve (HERRICK123)


Don may have to do that.thank you