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Bike stalls during rides   Technical-Bikes

Started Dec-23 by Miguel Font (MiguelFont1); 729 views.

Hi all! I'm searching your wisdom for answers to my bike's problem.

I am not sure if this post posted before, i just wrote the entire question and i accidentally deleted it...hence take 2!

I ride a 2007 v-star 1100 classic. Before this past summer it started to stall during rides. About after 40 to 50 miles most of the time. At first i thought it was bad gas from a gas station i did not visit before. Well, it wasn't it. 

I searched all your topics and some savvy experienced riders, as well as some fresh out of the oven mechanics i know. I had the carbs cleaned and synched, the valves adjusted, cleaned the gas tank, rebuilt and changed the pitcock gaskets. There is gravity gas flow off of the pitcock, in both on and reserve. I tested the ignition coils and ended changing the front cylinder one because was reading 0.6 k ohms instead of the 10k ohms spec. I also changed the fuel filter. All looks good.

I did several tests riding the bike. It sounds and feels like no gas gets to the carbs after riding for a little while. I rode it around and shut off the pitcock to see if it had the same feeling/symptom, and it does. It sounds and feels the same way. The funny thing is that it starts right away, either by downshifting and open the throttle completely,  or by stopping and hitting the ignition button. And it cranks up right away without delay. 

Today i took it for a long ride, 80+ miles, paying attention to how often it would stall, and at what speed. It ended up stalling about every 9 to 10 miles, on the dot. Speed varied, from stopped at a traffic light, to riding 35m/h to going 60 on an open road. 

One car mechanic, that rode bikes for a long time time, thought it could be the CDI box, but he discarted that, because the bike starts right away by giving gas or hitting the ignition button as I said earlier; so it really doesnt get the chance to cool off for a few minutes, nevertheless to say that i ride in Southwest Florida, so the bike doent't really cool off ever.  

Do you guys think could it be the fuel pump that is going bad? Maybe it is giving me the heads up?

Please, if you have any advise, let me know. I really want to ride it and I think it is a bit dangerous to do it in traffic, stalling like this...

Looking forward to some advise!!

Thanks in advance!!!

Merry Christmas if it applies!!!



From: yama_hammer


Sounds to me like the fuel pump. You could bypass the fuel pump by jumping the hoses around it and run it as a gravity feed system to see if trouble goes away. Don't be too aggressive in turns with a less than half full tank when operating as a gravity feed, acute angle causes fuel starvation this would complicate trouble-shooting .

Thank you for the advise. I will try to bypass the pump today. Thanks again!!

I forgot to write that I changed the spark plugs also.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Is the bike stock? Any modifications?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


stop using the throttle when starting or you will create other problems. Yes try gravity feeding the carbs.

Yes, no modifications that i know of. Only added an led bar, but I dont think this will cause problems, i had this bar for over a year now, and ithe bike always run fine.

OK, thanks! I haven't had a chance to try yesterday. I am getting a new OEM pump today.

Do you mean restarting once it stalls, as i'm gliding, or when pushing the starter button? 

Hello everyone!!

I wanted to thank you all for the advice you gave me.

I got the new OEM fuel pump yesterday,  i changed today, rode for about 20 miles. No problem whatsoever.

I hope this was all it needed. This ordeal left me with new ignition coils, new oil change (2000 miles before schedule), new fuel pump, all the fuses checked, and a few other things...glad i was able to do it.

Thanks again, and enjoy the holidays!! 

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Anytime you use the throttle you are advancing the timing. These carbs don't have a accelerator pump so no fuel when twisting unless the motor is running.

O, wow, i didn't know that (like most of the things related to mechanics...lol) 

Thanks...hopefully it doesnt stall again. I rode for close to 300 miles since Christmas day and so far, no signs of trouble. 

Do you think i need to have the valves checked again?  Engine sounds good so far...