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Need help   General Discussion

Started Feb-8 by Detroit912; 308 views.

From: Detroit912


I got an 07 vstar 1100 when i got the bike been sitting since 07 cleaned and rebuilt carbs and it would not fire the front cylinder and i mean gass would pour out exhaust pipe then my starer clutch went bad so i replaced it took carbs back off cleaned then up but them back on the same so i check the stater and it wasn't changing properly so replaced that now it fires on front cylinder but not the rear im at a loss


From: crazeeharry


Did you Bench sync the carbs?  


From: Hally1962


Check it for an air leak on the rear cylinder, and also make sure you have a spark on the faulty one, if it sparks ok then it looks like those carbs  will need to come off for further inspection, check float heights  etc and don't forget  about the  diaphrams,  any small air leak on the intake equalls  big grief 

  • Edited February 14, 2021 5:57 am  by  Hally1962
Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

If it's firing on one cylinder at idle and you've checked the other stuff, look at the pilot jet in the carb of the non-firing cylinder.


From: Detroit912


Thats the problem its not sparking the carbs have been rebuild 3 times the last time everything is new in it i was having the the problem it would star up ride for 10 15 minutes and the front cylinder would shut down then i was reading around and i read it might be the stater so i check it and i wasn't changing fully so i replaced the stater now it dont fire the rear cylinder 


From: Hally1962


Swap front and rear coils to see if it still do it and check connections 

  • Edited February 15, 2021 4:19 am  by  Hally1962