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PODS and miscellaneous    Technical-Bikes

Started 2/28/21 by Ed (VeryNorCalEd); 3185 views.
Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Ronyou rock,

you are the man!!!!! and an OG 1100 performance pioneer and thank you for willingly offering up information you paid so dearly for!!!!!!!!!

Seems like between you, Mick, Don, Shane, Tim you guys broke trail for those of us that have just showed up.

I am going to refer to myself as a blister that shows up after the work is done!!!!! Thank you to all you OG’s!!!!!!!! Trail Blazers

I am stoked that Shane and Tim’s cams from a dyno perspective are equal from a performance standpoint. Especially from a performance standpoint. It’s lucky for me Tim still has cams.

I would bet money on the “under tank” POD kits would have a better performance profile maybe even measurable on a dyno.

In my trade a 90 degree elbow added 10’ of resistance in calculating air flow for air conditioning. To much resistance (inches in mercury past .5”) would slow the air enough across the coil to ice it up. Slower air.

It looks to me that Tim’s set up is two 90’s to the carb as opposed to under-tank which looks like one 90? If so that would cause resistance. Physics is physics.

90’s create resistance period, buuuut I like the lookstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye everything is a trade off. 

I was doing some math today and a 2021 Electra Glide weighs 781 pounds and has 90 horse which in its stock configuration is 8.7 pounds per horse power.

My Star Classic weighs 599 pounds and has 62 horse power which is 9.6 pounds per horsepower.

Stock to stock riding experience light and nimble and similar performance would give the nod to the Star.

However when you do some simple and economical upgrades for the Star you go from 62 HP to 78 HP I think is what Shane from SS told me.astonished That takes a Star to a whole new riding experience level. 

Cruiser, light, nimble, higher RPM longer winded power band and 7.67 pounds per horsepower. Whoooooooooooa!!!!!!!!!

If a guy wanted to take that even farther a 2021 Electra Glide is $18000 conservatively with no upgrades. That’s $200 per horsepower for a lower RPM, heavier riding experience.

Not a fair comparison but I got like way far south of $5000 into my Star so far, like really $3500 and by the time I get done with the MODS you all pioneered maybe $5000 probably less.  That’s $64 per horsepower riding experience.

I’m OK with that, especially since I’m way poorer than our brothers that ride HD. Bottom line I like being in the wind and rode flat twin Beemers for a long time that’s 435 pounds and 1000 cc. Man we used to grind those valve covers off on the pavment.

Less aggressive riding style these days and trading a little performance for cool factor in my eyes is A OK with me, however I like to feel where the power drop off is and decided where I’m going to shift, I got to get a “Dyna 3000”, thanks for the info and tip. Man I hate that rev limiter. Yamaha did the same thing to my Rhino.grin Oh well I surely won’t hurt it trying to feel the seat of the pants powerband fall offstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Remember Ed you want a Cruiser for cruising. I have a wrist problem.joy

I am terrible with direction, I have never been lost but I have been turned around for a few daysstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye 

So 500’ NNE of Danville Boarder crossing sounds like you just might reside in Canada? Looked the area up, absolutely gorgeous. The riding both sides of the border must be spectacular. You surely don’t get that much green without plenty of rain so good rain gear would be part of your every day riding kit or a towel for you and your bike.
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Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Ron, Mick and Myself can't take credit for the contents of the wKB, it was already developed when we arrived. Mick is now the keeper and does a fantastic job of keeping it updated. Ron did a kit that Shane offered at one time, it was the 502 kit. High compression pistons, heavy valve springs etc., I rode it once and even with the clutch slipping it was a rocket ship! 

      When I had my 1100 it would spank Softtails and I don't think there is any difference between exposed or under tank pods. Tim has exposed Pods on his bike and we run even. We have had several Meet and Greets over the years and have been able to meet and make lifelong friendships. A few of us are talking about getting together in June up near Eugene for a informal get together.

      When you do cams get a dyna and set it at curve 3 and 6950 rev limit and let it rip, hit the limiter and shift! Just follow the KB for tuning in your situation.


Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Donn great to hear from you

Rocketship nice!!!! Typical in performance mods, you are always chasing the weak link.

”I rode it once and even with the clutch slipping it was a rocketship.” I love it

Thank you Donn for the history and performance tips. Respect for the humility but you guys are all celebrities to me and if there is a link to the V Star 1100 Riders forum history I would love to read it.

I am a caregiver for my wife and we are getting her a new knee this month and as soon as the doctor says “go” for the other knee we will be doing it as well. If I may be so bold as to invite myself on the impromptu ride in June out of Eugene, the bow out factors would be wife’s condition and bikes condition but if the planets align, I would love to meet you all and go for a puttStill want to do the Redwoods with you too

Going to try something not sure if it’s going to work or if this thread is appropriate so edit at will. Taking Mick’s advice to stick with the whole learning how to do things on the forum by trying things I’m going to try to post a pic. If it works I might post some more. I just noticed what looks like a photo with an arrow down. I’m doing this on my phone and my old eyes are old and yes I have cheaters on lets see.


whooooaaaa it worked it was upside down but I even accidentally stumbled upon that fix as well. Patting myself on the back right now.

Oh yeah you can now refer to me as the “High Tech Very Nor Cal Ed”

I can post pics of the risers I mentioned, the spacers for the Cobra light bar if any of that might help others looking to do the same not sure if this thread would be the correct place?

Thanks again Donn


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Cheaters...lol, I've worn triple vision lenses for over 25 years now and at 68 they aren't getting better.  If you do Face Book a few of us old guys are talking about a get together, everyone will be on their own for meals and a place to sleep. Probably won't be any 1100's there since a lot of us have moved on but that's ok.

Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Hey Donn, 

boy time ain’t waiting for nobody. Besides my arms getting to short for reading it also seems the ground is getting farther away and once I get down on the ground gravity seems to have increased because it’s way harder to get up off the ground.

Probably why I have been looking at bike lifts whether new or home made.

The other day when I was putting on the Baron’s “oil filter relocation” kit, I put my favorite piece of cardboard on the concrete floor of the shop, after some time getting prone on the ground to pull the oil drain plug, I finally get the drain plug pulled and made sure the oil was actually going in the drain pan I looked up at the front exhaust flange and then woke up disoriented and went back into the house, forgot what I was doing.

So I figure if I get a lift or build a lift I might get more done.

Getting old ain’t for the faint of heart but it’s a great excuse for getting stuff you wish had when you were younger.

You granted access to my wife’s FB account to “Yamaha V* 1100 Riders” and she has looked for any kind of details or beginning ideas of the Eugene ride in June and has not found anything. Not sure if you can do links in FB to her account to help her help me for the info of the ride?

Thanks Donn


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I quess it wasn't that page.  lol   It was on Jim Strodas page