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Exhaust drone   Tuning&Exhaust:04cal/06 up

Started Jun-14 by Kuchy1100; 275 views.

From: Kuchy1100


Hi all, first time I've posted on this site so still figuring it out

I have a 2006 vstar 1100 custom, with a set of delkevic turn out slip ons with the baffles installed, however I'm getting a bad drone from the exhaust at cruising speeds, to the point it makes my ears ring

I've done some googling but no luck

I've always owned loud bikes and none of them have been like this before, have other people had this issue with other brands or custom pipes? Or is it just the nature of a lower revving vtwin?

Oh, and "go back to stock pipes" isn't an option. Didn't spend $700 on my mufflers just to shelve them haha


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Probably just the nature of your slipons. I had a HK full system without any droning. "Or is it just the nature of a lower revving vtwin?" Just the opposite, the 1100 is a high reving vtwin and should be ridden so.


From: Kuchy1100


I was more so suggesting lower revving twin as opposed to short stroke twins that rev well over 10k, but I appreciate your input. Cheers