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My summer has finally arrived   General Discussion

Started Jun-29 by OldAFVetProf; 162 views.

From: OldAFVetProf


Just wanted to say Howdy after a bit. I finally got Betty Boop (as I call her) out on the road two days ago after having some surgery done and healing up. What a great day! Just my little 13 mile loop, but after not being on her for almost 9 months, it was stupendous! Thought I might have some troubles, but I used gas saver last fall, made sure my tank was full, and then had her on a battery minder for the whole time. I didn't plan on it to be nine months however...so yup, I'm a happy camper. My son (Can AM, but then he is 6'8" and weight to match) and I will be heading for the NSRA Nats in Louisville at the end of summer before I go back to teaching this fall. Can't wait. I did have her out again yesterday for a short hop and am really starting to feel comfortable on her after having her for a couple of years.