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Pods   Tuning&Exhaust:99-05 non cal

Started 7/2/21 by Basxvs1100; 3567 views.

From: Basxvs1100


Allright, I live in The Netherlands so it’s hard to find the right time to call. But maybe I can also send him an email. 
Shane is the owner of sscustomcycle.com?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Yes, and email for sure then.


From: Basxvs1100


Allright guys, I mounted the pods yesterday. 

I must say, it’s the best thing I’ve did with my xvs 1100!!

152,5 main nozzles in both carbs, 20 pilot nozzle and pms 3,5 turns out. I’ve trown away the needle which belong to the dynojet kit and place back the stock needle. 
My bike is riding like never before! Very smooth on every roundabout, I don’t have to shift a lot and has very much power in every range and on every speed

I’ve used the tip to change the rubber elbows. (Number 1 on carb nr 2, and elbow nr 2 on carb nr1). So thanks for that tip!

The only thing I mentioned is when reassembling the fuel tank, one of the small brackets on the bottom of the fuel tank is coming on the new crank vent. The small brackets on the bottom of the fuel tank are for the wires of the speedometer. 

does anyone recognise this “problem”? For now I’ve put my fuel tank back with some little tension. 

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From: LordRamiro


Hey Guys,

Looks like an interesting  upgrade.

Is it easy to install and where could I get a pod kit  ?

Would I need to simply install the pods or also have some other tuning / settings to do ?



From: crazeeharry


You get more air in the carbs, so you need to re-jet to richen the ratio (1:13)

SSCustomCycle sells complete kits (Chubby Air Kit)

as does Metric Magic, ... You can find Tim B. (owner) on Facebooks V star page.

A pod kit paired with a full exhaust will gain you 10% +/- or 5 to 7 horsepower


From: Basxvs1100


Hi! It is very easy to install. But you have to know how to take the carbs off, open them and which nozzles you have to replace. But that last part is easy because of the pictures they send with the chubby air kit. 

But I believe everyone can do this on his own, take your time and maybe take pictures from the current situation. Maybe mark the throttle cables (there are 2). 
The first time I’ve made pictures every time I disassembled a piec, so when I was building it back I could do it all reverse.