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Carbs    Newbie Q&A

Started Jul-4 by Supler; 334 views.

From: Supler


Thank you for saying this I've trying to tell my buddy for a long time now that's what the problem was and he is one those know it alls that is usually pretty knowledgeable of things but just kept saying unless we pulled the carbs apart we didn't have to sync them but now that you shared that in link in black and white so I can show his arse lol anyways sorry for ranting lol and thx again

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From: RCCola45


Anytime they are removed.   Highly recommend don't separate them.   I would synq them at least one time per year and I was able to get them better each time so they do go astray some over the year.   

There is link in the KB to make your own meter using tubing and stick.   This has been the best proven way to synq.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Anytime you touch them, even a idle change can throw the sync off a bit. I used to do mine several times a year or as soon as I started to feel it in the handlebars.