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Misfire?    Tuning&Exhaust:04cal/06 up

Started Jul-11 by DakotaLH; 272 views.

From: DakotaLH


Hello all,

I’m new to posting here but feel like I’ve read a ton of forums on here about tuning the 1100. I bought my bike (2006 V Star 1100, 33k miles) used when I lived in Florida. It had cobra slip-ons on it and for the most part ran well. I moved to Wisconsin 2 years ago and the bike still seemed to run ok. I decided to put a chubby pod kit on it last year because my stock air cleaner box was falling apart. With the upgrade (from SS Customs) I got new jets. I installed everything and called them to verify how they wanted everything set. Let’s just say basically have had issues since then. I have 152.5 mains, 20 pilots and 2 shims on my needle. I’m hoping you guys can help give some ideas as to what to look to now because a few weeks ago I decided to take it out and it idled rough (almost sounded like it was misfiring) but I had really good, even power through 5th gear and while riding the bike sounded fine. However, I couldn’t stand the sound of the idle so I tore into it. The carbs are balanced as best as I think I can get them but the bike just sounds awful and now pops, backfires and has no power. I can post a video but thought I’d reach out here for different troubleshooting ideas. The carbs were just taken off and cleaned. 

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From: Texpatriat


Were the carbs  just taken off and cleaned before or after your current trouble began? If before it's quite likely something didn't go back together quite right.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Personally I think you are rich for one and maybe the carbs need cleaning. I would drop down to 150 maybe 147.5  mains and 17.5 pilot, sync do a lean drop and sync again.


From: DakotaLH


Sorry I wasn’t very clear on that! They were cleaned after I started having issues again. The bike was running decent however the idle was off so I turned the sink screw which while the vacuum pressures read as not even, it sounded better at idle. Then I went back to even vacuum on the balance and took the exhaust off because I was hearing a weird “tik”. And I was also thinking it might be rich however I when I took the carb apart after putting the the new air pods on it lasted I found that it already had 147.5 Main and 17.5 pilot in it when just the cobra pipes were on it. I’m not sure if that makes a difference or not. Also, I’m 3.5 turns out on my pms which are stock. 

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