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Intersting Read on Pod Kits   Technical-Bikes

Started 9/14/21 by 4Strokes; 4597 views.

From: gradie55


Thanks Mick ... when I find those Dyno sheets I'll resend you a copy. they're buried deep in my garage.. when the borders open up .. I need to pull the carbs and go through them before I fire her up... I know I lost the 502 dyno sheets .. the box that they were in got wet.. the tarp that was covering up some stuff that wouldn't fit in the storage... while I was in the build mode... 

LOL Because they are idiots, but you believe what you please. hahahahahahaha

I'd help, but you seem to think  it's not you, but it is. A real mechanic would know that more air in means more air out, but you seem to think that you don't need to let the air out. The pods & the bike are NOT the problem, but you wouldn't listen to my advice anyway. Good luck!


From: LordRamiro


Hey Mick,

What would you suggest as pod kits for a new install ?

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

I'd check with Tim B. If that fails.....try Shane at SS Custom Cycle....if that fails, the KB has info on putting your own kit together


From: gradie55


put your own kit together 2).. RU0600 K & N filters... you'll need a couple of jets 147.5  ( you might want to have on hand 145. and 150. )  and a couple of shims..   the reason for the different jets depends on your elevation .. the KB as it in there as well... 

Just ask or put one together yourself. I'll send you only the jets you need, no guessing. The RU-600s don't fit well, but lots of folks use them.