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Chrome Clear Coat   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-21 by Specs (specsrus); 392 views.
Specs (specsrus)

From: Specs (specsrus)


I noticed on one of my Yamaha chrome accessories (specifically the visors for the lights) a run in the finish. Obviously some sort of clear coat has been applied at the Yamaha factory. Does anyone know for certain exactly what type of clear coating this is?


From: FranXVS1100


Hi I'm sorry but I cant answer your question only ask are they Metal or Plastic ? If they are metal then the chrome would have no varnish on them. That chrome spray is only fit for school kids doing projects so id avoid it. 

Specs (specsrus)

From: Specs (specsrus)


The Yamaha visors for the lights are metal (magnetlic), but as I said there appears to be a clear coat on them since there is a run in the finish on one of them. The reason I ask is that I am considering infilling the engraved star on them with colour and want that material to be compatible with the clear coat. If I use a solvent to clean off any excess colour I do not want to damage the clear finish.

They are not clear coated from the factory

Specs (specsrus)

From: Specs (specsrus)


Thank you. Much appreciated.