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2-1 exhaust power increase   Tuning&Exhaust:99-05 non cal

Started 11/24/21 by Vadose; 597 views.

From: Vadose


Thanks evwy8ne for the responses! I am going to keep  my existing  exhaust. I can't justify the cost of new pipes yielding a minor HP gain. I also love the look of my Big Straights over a 2-1 system. I am going to change out the baffles to quite them down a bit thuogh. Anyone here using the Big City Thunder Quiet Baffles? I have their lollipop installed now  and they  sound good but a pretty loud.

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To answer your question. About 5hp with the Cobra 2:1, it's the only 2:1 performance made for the 1100.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

You can also try torque cones....pretty easy install that will quiet them a little....plus add a little low end. Just look for them sized for a Shovelhead.