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No crank   Technical-Bikes

Started Apr-20 by LineRider (linerider1); 244 views.

I have a 2007 V star 1100 classic had a problem with occasionally a no crank issue. I have a new battery and I'm showing 12.8 volts everything works except the starter button will not engage the starter. I know there is a kickstand switch, a clutch switch Otherwise it has to be in neutral to crank. is there anything else? am I missing something? should I take the clam shell apart to see if there is a problem with the start button  


From: Texpatriat


I would check wiring, grounding in particular. Also maybe jump 12 volts to the starter to make sure it turns.

Opening the switch housing would be a last resort for me. There is also a relay. You mentioned the kickstand and clutch switches but have you confirmed that they are working.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Check the contacts on the start switch for corrosion.