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Is she done?   Technical-Bikes

Started Apr-27 by SwaMan (swa3); 460 views.
SwaMan (swa3)

From: SwaMan (swa3)


After a failed attempt at rejeting, my 2000 1100 Classic has never been right. I had the carbs rebuilt again, by a professional at a well respected Yamaha shop in Watkins Glenn, N.Y.

I put the carbs on, and flushed the crank case/changed oil and filter hoping to fire the bike, make a couple minor sync and idle adjustments and be on my way...........NOPE.

The bike started right up, which was a pleasant surprise after sitting for a couple of years with only a few start and warmups. Sounded fine, but when I took it off choke, it idled down and died. I started her again, and discovered that the rear cylinder is not running.

I changed the plugs after accurate gapping and got the same result......even though the rear plug IS firing.

Upon performing a compression check (3 times/same results) I am seeing 130 psi on front cylinder, and 180 on the rear! This is odd, and very high on the rear cylinder, whereas the front is 1 psi below the "rebuild" recommendation. 

If anyone can please offer some advice, I will be forever grateful. Losing my vision to glaucoma, this will be my final season of riding after 53 years, and I would like to be able to cross it off my "bucket list" before the darkness consumes me.

She's been a good girl, and taken me 164,000 miles asking for nothing but gas, oil and tires, but I am in no position to have her rebuilt, if that's what's necessary.....won't she make a pretty little lawn ornament?

Thanks, as always for your time and advice!

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

First question is always.....did you have the throttle fully open when you checked the compression? If so....you may have picked up a piece of crud in the pilot jet on the rear carb.....the side holes are usually the culprit.

SwaMan (swa3)

From: SwaMan (swa3)


Hi Mick! And THANKS for getting back to me. Actually, I did NOT have the throttle open when I did the first compression check. After learning the proper way to do it, the pressures were even at a solid and stable 160psi.

After finding this, I took the carb off the cylinder that was not firing, and cleaned all the jets. I did find some blockage.

Fast forward to post-instal: The bike now starts right up and both cylinders are firing, but pop pop pops, and when I take the choke all the way off, she idles down and stalls, unless I keep blipping the throttle.  

Point of interest: Now that the rear cyl. is firing, the front cyl. that was OK from the start, is popping along with the rear.

I am at a loss, and frustration is getting the better of me. Any advice will be gratefully received! THANKS!!

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Make sure your idle is set a 900 RPM. If it is, what is the PMS set at? If the idle is correct, the popping is usually a lean condition at idle. Try them at 2.5 to 3 turns and check it out.