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Installing universal speedometer    Technical-Bikes

Started May-13 by Dan (Kamikazedan); 613 views.
steve (HERRICK123)

From: steve (HERRICK123)


My 05 1100 was doing the same thing had it stock with no air filter tube would do this .I put the pod air filter on no more bogging. what air filters do you use really matter, what are your air filters?

what's your setup?

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Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Following up: it installed just fine. However, I did create my own panic by paralleling the two gauges to see whether the indicator lights came on when they should. They didn't. There is enough crossover wiring in the stock meter to cause issues. Once I just pulled the old one and used jumpers to test the lights, all was well. I then cut the harness from the old gauge and used it to wire in the new gauge so that I can unplug and remove it if necessary. Took about a day. I am fabricating a small bracket to attach the gauge just above the air cleaner. 


From: Zonker1972


were you able to take any pics when you were installing? i think it would be a good addition to the kb.

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Maybe not a bad idea. I can probably cobble something up that would be helpful to someone in the future.