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dead battery?   Technical-Bikes

Started May-26 by DaveK1661; 290 views.

From: DaveK1661


I pulled my bike out (2000 V-Star 1100 Classic XVS1100A) last weekend and it ran like a lawn mower- I feel like it was only hitting on one cylinder, and even that was rough. It was filthy from being in the barn all winter, so I tore it down, cleaned everything, and opened up the float bowls. I also flushed out the old gas from the tank. Carbs look as clean as any I've ever seen, but I took the extra step to blow out the jets with compressed air and carb cleaner, pulled the floats to inspect the needle and seat, everything looks great from what I can tell- and I've pulled these carbs apart for over 20 years. I'm not a pro, but I'm familiar. Also, I had the bike dyno tuned a couple years ago at a local shop. They guy did a great job and I've never had an issue like this since then.

I put the battery back in (of course I charged it) and cranked it, but I get no bang. There's fresh gas in the tank, I checked the fuel pump and gas all the way back up to the carbs, checked spark and tested the coils with a multimeter. I get gas, I get spark, but I get no bang. I tried engine start- front cylinder bangs (fires) briefly, that is all. Rear cylinder not even that.

The battery holds up for maybe 6 or 8 tries, then it's got nothing, engine barely spins, then just clicks. This battery has been in the bike 1 year- I pulled it before I stored the bike, kept it on the charger. This has happened the last few years- a new battery every spring, so I thought maybe I have a bad regulator/rectifier.

What's blowing my mind is the bike started fine when I pulled it out of the barn. I rode it, and decided to take it apart to clean it, and now I can't get it to fire. "take it apart" means tank off, fenders, side covers, pipes. I pulled the lower right cover to get a look at the R/R, pulled the lower left cover to check the fuel lines to the fuel pump. I pulled the floor boards with shifter and brake pedal attached, and the plastic front frame covers to get to the coils. Trying to start it, I just put the tank on and connect the fuel lines- so I have tank and fuel lines, battery, carbs of course, but no pipes, no floor boards, no covers no rear fender- I just want to be sure I explain in case I'm missing something stupid.

I think the battery is shot, and maybe the R/R (regulator/rectifier) and maybe it just won't crank hard enough to fire up. My local shop has a high performance R/R in stock for about $150, the factory part is about $125, and I  can get one from Amazon for like $35. SO...

Will a tired battery cause this? Will a bad R/R kill my battery when it ran fine all summer (or seemed to)? Is a $35 R/R a waste of $35, or are the other rectifiers just overpriced? Any input would be great- I'm at the end of my rope here, and out of ideas that don't cost money to make a guess at the problem.

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Don't buy the $35version. If you can get this one from Yamaha (5VN-81960-00-0) It's the best one you can get. 

Are you getting fuel? Sometimes a float will stick closed.....you can try tapping on the float bowl. 


From: DaveK1661


Thanks Mick. I'll try to get the factory R/R today, and a battery. I can drop the float bowls to see if I'm getting gas. It's got to be something like that- I'll let you know. 

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From: DaveK1661


I bought 2 feet of #6 wire, 1 foot red and 1 foot black, and a couple heavy duty ring terminals and basically made a pair of jumper cables. I connected them to the battery terminals, and now I can get a solid connection with my boost box- she fired right up. New battery is on the way! Next I'll test my regulator, though it's never been replaced, and probably worth dumping $125 just to be sure about it.

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