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Replacement front signal light stalk (right word?)   For Sale/Wanted

Started Jun-25 by pagomichaelh (MichaelHomsa); 325 views.


The part highlighted in red is cracking off right where the light fixture clamp bolts on (1100 Custom).

Would anyone have one from a parts bike they'd be willing to part with?  Alternatively, a suggestion for repair?

For the record, the other broke some time ago, but since my sidecar has a turn signal, I'm not worried about that side.

TIA, Michael

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Hearing nothing, I then tried to order a new one on line.  I did look at the aftermarket stuff, between the clamps and the lights, way more expensive than OEM.

Not one of the on-line parts sources have a brain, or own a globe, or can intuit that the word 'American' before 'Samoa' means it's part of the USA and shipping via USPS is the same as if it was going to Honolulu.

Good luck getting a response out of 'Contact Us'.

Yamaha Parts Warehouse (the only source that would let me enter my address) wanted US$370 to ship to here (should be around US$20).

Finally, I got ahold of a friend is on vacation in the mainland, and asked if I could have it sent to him, and he'll carry it back in his luggage.

So now the drama  became that the on-line places wouldn't allow separate shipping/billing addresses.

Finally got lucky and found one, so I should be able to fix it by August.  Right now, I've got a long-reach allen key wire tied to the fork, and the indicator then wire tied to that.


Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


Dude, that is just plain crazy. Hope your repair eventually goes smoothly. I understand your issue with aftermarket clamps, and that is why I modified my stock units to accept aftermarket signals. 

Good luck! 

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


If you ever need help getting parts get ahold one of us admins. I'm sure could help.