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PMS thumbscrews   For Sale/Wanted

Started 7/31/22 by Metric Magic (TimB1007); 891 views.

From: Cneiner


Thanks man.  I am going to give up on premade thumb screws.  I am just going to solder a thumbscrew to a set of stock screws.  I am not trying to gain any kind of performance with the PMS screw.  i just want the bike running right and that screw on the Vstar carbs is in a f*cked up spot.  You either have to rig up some tool or burn your fingers or both.  I am too old for this!  I appreciate the heads up because at $26 a piece that would suck if they were a problem.  


From: crazeeharry


Tim B's PMS screws are worth it, they are pitched to 1 turn equals two on the stock screws but they work really well and are very tunable with no finger burns.

BTW They also stay where they are set.   (Lighter than Barons) 

Donn (99Orton)  above has the link posted on how to find Tim B. on F.book