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Clunky shifting gears in Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic (2007 with 10k miles)   Technical-Bikes

Started Sep-7 by JMK1100 (JMK1000); 407 views.
JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Hello fellow V-Star riders,

I bought my 2007 V-Star 1100 Classic last year in June.  7800 miles.  Perfect condition, and 'smooth sailing'.  It is my first bile and I live in New York City, so I am putting on it a lot of stop-and-go miles.  I rode til now 2500 miles - mostly slow maneuvering - friction zone.

At the end of last year my gears became clunky.  A little jolt engaging first, and loud switching from first to second up.  I changed the clutch plates this March (to make sure that there is no 'sludge' on the plates from a long standing - it wasn't used very much in the 'previous life'.  The clutch i well adjusted (bottom and top.

I dived in the graphs (at Partzilla) and when I took off the alternator side cover, I noticed that for the engaging-disengaging of the clutch is responsible 'kinda' funny mechanism:  there are 3 steel balls between 2 plates, when one of them has grooves.  When you turn the mechanism, the balls get out of the shallow groves and

push apart the plates - pressing on a clutch shaft - disengaging the clutch.

I am talking about parts 6, 8, 9, 10.  

Has anybody replaced the 6 or 9 por a new one.   I can imagine, that (especially when you ride in the stop-and-go traffic all the time) the groves might get worn out and deepened.  That would make the clutch ability to disengage impaired.  we are talking about very small tolerances.  

Has anybody ever replaced these parts - and how did it affect the clunky shifting?

These parts are not expensive:

10 - Adjusting Screw - 2H7-16343-00-00 ($19.11)
9 - Push Screw - 2H7-16341-00-00 ($44.56)
8 - Ball Retainer - 2H7-16395-01-00 ($16.48)
6 - Push Screw Housing - 2H7-16396-00-00 ($17.98)

Anybody has the experience with it? or you have other remedy for the clunky shifting (I already checked - the screw in the shifting mechanism - inside, is in the proper place and solid - not loose).

I would appreciate any comments.  Cheers.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


How many miles since the oil has been changed? I've never read about those parts ever being a problem.

JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Thanks for your interest.

Since most of my miles are in the tight city traffic, I change the oil whenever it gets dark or every 700 miles (whatever comes first).  the oil is kept at the level 1/2 in viewing glass (if it's more, it vents out).

I have never heard about these parts being considered a culprit - but I have heard and read the 'clunky' shifting problem.  Most of the V-Star riders ride in the open, where you are more concerned with the possible slipping the clutch, than not clutching enough... I live in the 'friction zone'.  It MUST put wear on the parts I mentioned.
But I would like to learn about ANY method to reduce clunkiness without introducing any other wrong elements.


JMK1100 (JMK1000)

From: JMK1100 (JMK1000)


Donn (99Orton) said:


Yes, I did.  I took the cover off, inspected the screw - seats solid.  I didn't remove the shifting mechanism, but inspected it with the borescope.  Nothing brought my attention.  It's good I took the cover off, because there was a loss of insulation on the harness from the alternator.  So, I had a chance to prevent a problem.
New gasket, bolts torqued... Clutch (lower) adjusted to the specs.