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front- rear tire   General Discussion

Started Jan-4 by mulayim; 340 views.

From: mulayim


Hi. Is it possible to use motorcycle tires on both wheels as front or rear? Or is there a different production for the front and a different production for the rear? Thanks a lot for the help.


From: crazeeharry


I run a Pirelli Drive tire up front (extra meat for mileage.) and a Michelin Cross Climate plus car tire on the rear. I got 31,000 out of my last CT.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


If you run a rear on the front they say to mount it backwards. I've never heard of anyone running a front on the rear.


From: crazeeharry


Happy New Year Donn.

I run my Perilli Drive tire up front with the rotation arrow correct, not backward.

It has been said that the Drive tire is designed to take the main load on hard acceleration and to reverse it up front for braking without de-lamination of the thread cap. This was very true with older cross ply technology, but modern manufacturing makes them as strong in both directions of  rotation. Or so I'm told.    (Consider the load on it when mounted on the rear under hard braking.)

I do get one plus with the 'normal rotation,  the thread pattern is more conducive  to expel water in wet conditions as it was designed.

I got 22k out of my first Pirelli drive, with no issues. (That doesn't make me right or safer! I am going against the engineering design of a drive tire. But it kinda proves Pirelli makes one hellofa good product. LOL! )   YMMV

I will admit you do have to be a little "Crazy" to skrue with convention, but no more so than putting a car tire on the rear.  They don't call me Crazee for nothin!!