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PODS and miscellaneous    Technical-Bikes

Started 2/28/21 by Ed (VeryNorCalEd); 2873 views.
Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


I found a few references elsewhere about using a shared intake tract with an air chamber (like the XVS air box) in order to act as a surge tank to control air flow. Seemed very legit, but there is a fuqton of anecdotal evidence here and elsewhere that pods really do the job. I have a project in mind, and truthfully I sorta liked the idea that the stock intake tract might be the hot ticket with less work... but I will be going with the "flow" and putting pods on board.

Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Yes, I noticed in your profile when I navigated back to take a screen shot of all your mods, the “Donn, blue print and check list of mods for a 1100 V Starthumbsup“ that you were from Grants Pass. Mom and Dad, both passed on now, lived in Merlin, in laws were over the hill in Chiliquin. In laws are in the hill country of Texas now, Leakey Texas. Lots of nice riding there too.

My user name “VeryNorCalEd” is trying to convey that there is more “Northern California” than San Francisco.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

California has a bad reputation because of a couple of off the hook well known cities and most of California is rural, but not most of the population. disappointed  Heck where I am at the pavement ends and the West is still alive. We drive cows around here with cowboys still. Mostly raise alfalfa hay for the dairies in the valley because of the higher protein content from the elevation. I can jump in my Yamaha Rhino and get to Boise Idaho just about on just dirt roads and a little pavement here and there.

LOL so I added the “Very” in hopes I don’t get judged to harshly.stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyesjoyflushedsunglasses

Would love to toodle up your way someday and putt down to the Redwoods and coast and of course sea food would be in order.yumthumbsup

From Susanville it used to take me around 4 hours to get to Grants Pass if I’m remembering correctly. The back way up 139-39 was about 3 1/2 maybe to K Falls. Been awhile probably all off on my time estimates.


Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


joyjoyjoy KamikazeDAN is a punny man joyjoyjoy

Going with the “FLOW” I love it!!!!!!!!!!

The bikes, all the awesome owners and mechanics, the brain trust from years of trial and error, seat of the pants, dyno testing all documented for late comers like me, yeah no need to re invent the wheel here. No need to mess with success just GO WITH THE FLOW joy still laughing LOL

Not trying to make a hot rod. I love the push button dependability and a lighter cruiser. However I just can’t leave things alone especially if there is power on the table. More efficient and cooler running, all good things.thumbsup

Vacuum in reserve gave me pause, like I said I’m not claiming to know Jack shizo about all things internal combustion, which is why I needed to reach out to those who do know.

The “Knowledge Base” flushed there is soooooo much info there. It is overwhelming for me but, it’s really helping me to come up with the right questions and the next thing you know it has the answers as well.thumbsupthumbsupthumbsup

Nothing new under the sun here and no secrets all the cards are on the table for people like me to really get to know their rides.

Thanks again Mick and all contributors for all you all have done.

Thanks for the chuckle Dan.  


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I have a older Brother in Merlin and my oldest and youngest daughters live in Allen Texas. Gimme a shout if you make it up this way. I love riding over to the coast and into the Redwoods a bit and of course Fish and Chips while over there.

Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Sounds like a plan and a great ride!!!!thumbsup 

Kinda funny, it's just the way it goes, I have found myself researching the knowledge base and not ordering any parts or making any progress on the Classic because of the depth of knowledge in the "Knowledge Base." I think I got things figured out, like with the PODs and as I'm looking through carb tuning I run into bench syncing, on bike syncing, YouTube videos, PDF downloads manometer builds, carb sync thumb screw up grade etc so I continue to dig and uncover more info and the depression in my couch gets deeper and the shop stays cold and dark. grin

What's happening to me?!?!stuck_out_tongue_winking_eyejoy


From: gradie55


PCS missed the bandwagon, they came late to the table, missed the boat and now are dissing the pod set up.. well the moment you get your ride dialled in .. you'll notice the difference.. the power gains are all at the top end .. so it is possible to leave a couple of HP on the table in the bottom end .. but at  50 hp (stock) vs 60+ hp  (pods) .. thats 20 % gain..  for a couple hundred buck pretty cheap gain I'd say...

Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Howdy Gradie and thanks for the replythumbsup

Your sentiments and experience prevailrelaxed

My experience over the years is similar with air pumps. If you can get the air in you need to get it out and if you can get it out and have the capability to get more in then you pump more air but rarely do you run across such a pump as the 1100. 
Your so absolutely correct that with such minimal investment and effort you get such great returns according to all that have chose to follow the direction and success of all those pioneers that have blazed the V Star 1100 trail since 1999 if I’m not mistaken.thumbsup That’s really cool!!!!!!

My thanks to you and all those who have shared their experience, the seat of the pants total fun factor of the smooth and tune of the 1100. I can’t wait to see for myself and because of you and others sharing their experiences I have total confidence moving forward.

As far as PCS, they have their opinion too, although I am beginning to wonder what experiences they have had to be so contrary to all those success stories and all that data. It’s true, as you alter  the base line design the torque and horsepower curves move around on the RPM scale. The beauty of the V Star 1100 is it is a lighter cruiser originally designed to pump air on the higher end of the scale and can afford it if those curves move a little further up the scale. I know my 1100 Classic, in it’s stock configuration, has no trouble getting off the line or getting out of its own way and I’m certain it will benefit from a smooth and tune. Besides the opinion/article on their website I see no other offerings of empirical or even anecdotal data.  Well everyone has to believe in something, I believe I’ll have another shot.yumstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Fun stuffthumbsup

So many MODS so little time.

Thank again Gradie


In reply toRe: msg 23

From: gradie55


Thanks Ed.. It came at the right time in my life, all the children grown and have children.. 30 years of marriage out the window.. single and bored...had a good paying job.. retired after 40 yrs..SO... I must have been nuts.. spent a ton of cash playing and making mistakes.. so the info passed is a usually self-inflicted mistake somewhere down the line or a success ...  unfortunately I retire, built a house in a different area.. enjoying the new life we have .. can't cross the border ... we're supposed to stay in our bubble..  so I'll have pull the carbs and due a deep clean...before she hits the road..  out of all the mods my 1100 has seen, the very best was the SS chubby pods with SS Boss 429 Cams... 147.5 mains & 17.5 pilots 2 shims on the rear carb and 1 on the front.. to even out the AFR between the 2 carbs.. what that did was make it smoother and RPMs climbed a wee bit faster.. dyno time showed that in seconds from zero to full RPM..the main thing is I had fun doing it .. met a ton of real cool people all over the USA .. its been awhile seeing each other...I think its time for a couple shots..

Best Regards


Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Hey Ron wave,

sorry about the delayed reply grin Went back and checked my emails and the only unopened email I noticed from the forum that I had was from Don? I did not find an email notice of your response. I’m sure it was something I did or didn’t do to have missed it.

So made contact with Shane (SS) and Tim (Metric Magic) about POD kits and flushedCams. 
Cams, drop in, stock valve spring huge wake up!!!!

Yeah I’m doing itthumbsup

Shane doesn’t stock the Boss 429 cam anymore. Has to order 100 cams minimum and the cam sales slowed way down years ago so he can not justify tying up that much money. Totally understandable. Still has the SS Chubby under tank POD kits however.

Tim lost his wife with in the last year and closed the doors of Metric Magic. Not sure which happened first. Sorry for your loss brother.pray

Tim had a cool looking POD kit that brings the air filters out from under the tank and one option is polished copper elbows. My bike is black and root beer brown with pearl and I think a polished copper accent would look bitchen. I want sum.blush

Tim injured his hand recently and said that he would be willing to put together the “copper out from under the tank POD kit” after his hand heals and he has cams!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not know if Tim’s cams have a name like Shane’s (Boss 429) but if I’m correct Tim’s cams have a numerical Identity of “440.”

I am guessing Tim’s cams are similar to Shane’s cam profile and are drop in as well?

When I hear back from Tim we will get those MODS ordered up. Looking forward to that!!!!!!!!!

I have had a few warm days to test out my Memphis Shades fairing. I measured for it according to Memphis Shades instructions and the 5” windshield hit the mark.

After testing, fairing all the way forward and all the way back with a half helmet and sunglasses and a full face and visor as of right now the 5” is to short.

Below 55 it’s ok. At 65 mph the wind hitting my head starts to blur my vision. Above 80 it’s stupid, even with the full face. Duck down and the buffeting stops so anticipating this problem I ordered two windshields. I’ll be putting the 7” on next. More testing and results to come.


Side note;

if anyone is wanting to put a Memphis Shades Bat Wing Fairing on their 2004 V Star 1100 Classic and a Cobra Driving Lights light bar THEY BOTH FIT without any modifications or interference. I called Memphis Shades and Cobra and could not get a definitive answer. I also searched the internet. I was unable to find out if the two would work together. However I am referring to myself the self proclaimed tech moron so my guess is that anybody else will do a quick search and find the answer I toiled over and was unsuccessful in finding.stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye Also Shane at SS said he has sold the Cobra light bar for years and said it is totally fine to wire the driving lights according to the Cobra light bar instructions which is tapping into the blue wire running lights to stock light bar blinker running lights using the provided switch. I did just what Cobra said to and it works fine. Will probably re wire in the future to a handle bar switch with a relay, Shane at SS sells this switch as well. I wanted more space between my fairing and light bar so I could have full adjustment forward and back for airflow adjustment. I went to Ace Hardware with stock light bar screw in hand and bought 1/4” X 3/4” aluminum flat bar and longer screws to accommodate using three pieces of flat bar equaling 3/4” of spacer from stock light bar location. Laid out holes, drilled and polished the flat bar then re mounted light bar which gave me ample room between the backs of the driving lights and the fairing.

 Also if anyone is wanting to put on “Barons” pull back risers (BA-7410-U 1 1/2” pull back, 4” of rise over stock) on 2004 V Star 1100 Classic with stock bars and cables, they will work without replacing cables. Some re routing and handle bar mount adjusting will be necessary. It has been said that on later V Star models, Yamaha shortened their cables and brake line making it necessary to use aftermarket cables and brake line to fit without binding or pulling.


So, Ron or any other OG V Star Guru’s, is there a rev limiter on these bikes? I have only ridden it twice. The first time was up and down the coast in San Diego with my son on his metric cruiser and we cruised stop light to stop light, little town to little town never really letting her eat large volumes of air.

During my Memphis Shades wind tunnel testingstuck_out_tongue_winking_eye and doing some full pulls up to speed and beyond I hit what seemed to be a rev limiter? 
Or dirty mains? Or I missed a hose somewhere?

Very irritating. I have no tach and am not familiar with the 1100 power band but she was still pulling hard when power just fell off with the sound of a rev limiter.

I’m at 4200’ elevation so stock jetting would be rich if anything and it feels even, not like a miss from one main jet being clogged. Doesn’t seem lean or starved but maybe? I never messed with the floats when I rebuilt them because they sat for a long time. New fuel filter of course but it might be clogged again from left over gas crap. 7 years with gas in the tank and carbs. Worst gas varnish and gas jello I have ever seen.

Anyways searched the Knowledge Base, I’m there a lot these days 
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Ed (VeryNorCalEd)

From: Ed (VeryNorCalEd)


Not sure if a guy can edit a post so just wanted to make clear

”or in Texas (where) it’s 6 o’clock”

it reads “or in Texas here it’s 6 o’clock” which makes it sound like I’m in Texas, I’m not but my in-laws are in the hill country of Texas and can’t wait to take the Star there as well.thumbsup

what a difference a “W” makes grinjoy