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Engine cuts out at 5000 RPMs   Tuning&Exhaust:99-05 non cal

Started 6/8/21 by Vadose; 3279 views.

What year is the bike? What settings are you using on the Dyna? Have you OHMed the TPS?

Do you have a tach installed?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Are you sure you aren't hitting the limiter?


From: Vadose


Yes. I have a tach. I have the limiter set to 7000. It cuts out  around 6000 or so then  the motor kicks back in if I let off the throttle a bit. 


From: gradie55


when you installed the pods ... you put the black vent line on the right side pointed forward .. has that fallen and not pointing forward anymore... that will cause that... and you should hear ticking from your valves if you don't .. recheck.. cause there probably too tight... and 157.5 with 17.5 pilots are perfect... for your ride.. 


From: Vadose


Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I think I am going to wait until Spring to diagnose the issue at hand. I am done taking  the carbs out for the year!   I will check the valve specs and check all rubber for leaks and take it from there in the Spring. The bike runs really good with the cams and re jet. Just a little stumble at high RPMs. I can live with that the rest of the riding season that is quickly coming to an end here in Ohio.

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From: Vadose


One more thing. I still have the TPS connected  with  the Dyna ignition module. I will try a ride with it disconnected see if that helps with the cutting out at high RPMs.