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Front Fork Rebuild   Technical-Bikes

Started Jun-15 by Zonker1972; 1243 views.
Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

You're welcome! Glad it'll help get it back on the road!


From: Zonker1972


mick, i got the forks back together last night. i had the lower legs powder coated flat black while i was waiting for parts and of course it took a week longer for the powder coat to get done. anyway, i think i found out how the plastic piece on my original damping rod broke. i have +4 fork tubes and the tube that had the broken piece was a VERY tight fit for the damping rod you sent me. i could get the rod in with a bit of persuasion but it was so tight it didn't work as it should. i used some sandpaper to gently remove some of the plastic piece and now it works as it should. 

i think that when i originally transferred the internals from the stock fork tubes to the +4 tube i must have broken the plastic piece on the damping rod. 

Anyway, thanks again.


Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Glad you got them to work! Glad you found the issue too!

Take care!