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Adding a Tacho   Tuning&Exhaust:99-05 non cal

Started Jul-6 by LordRamiro; 3793 views.

From: LordRamiro


Hello guys,

I hope I'm in the right place,

I'm trying to add a Tacho to My 2000 V Star 1100 Custom,

I ordered a an aftermarket Tacho on Amazon

I have found out all but 2 wires.... unless I am mistaken on one of them.

I have 1 red, 1 black ( LED lighting)

I have 1 Green (I've found out it goes on the negative pole of My coil)

I have another black (connected it to the black alongside the balck for LED)

and I have a Yellow/black striped ( that's My unknown)

I found somewhere it has to be connected to a high voltage / speed line and the the black and green go onto a negative and positive pole respectively

Anyone could help Me please ?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Thanks the problem with buying junk on Amazon, no tech support on the Chinese crap they sell. 

Sick Mick* (quick_mick)

Yeah...that's a tough call. I hope it's set up for a dual fire ignition. Otherwise it won't read correctly.


From: RCCola45


Make sure your tach is set up for dual fire ignition ... I ran the blue and red to headlight and tied in with running lights.   I ran the black into the headlight and attached to a ground.  Then the green to coil.

I bought what looks to be the same as you have there and I don't recall having extra black or yellow.   If it were me I would run both blacks to ground and leave the yellow disconnected and fire it up and see what happens.   When I was shopping ebay for mine there was two that looked identical ... one was dual fire and other not.   Check to make sure you have that correct 1st. 

I got good deal on Barrons tach after I got the one you have there.   All the numbers on back were same ... same tach except Barrons put there face plate on there.   The Barrons needle would dance up and down and the cheap one like you have worked perfect.   

In reply toRe: msg 4

From: LordRamiro


How do I know if it`s for dual fire ?

Already tried lots of combination, as I'm sure you guessed ;)

I'll try the Black and Yellow to battery poles. I`'ll have to find the Distributor I guess for the Green one, that is before the coils (right ?)

On a further note, a mechanic told Me to hook it (the yellow) on a high voltage wire, AKA the crank sensor.... now where is that s o b hiding ??

I have looked over and over in My Clymer's Manual and can't find it.


From: RCCola45


Where did you buy it from ... if ebay or amazon then look at the page you got it from to see if its duel fire.   

The Green one goes to negative side of coil on the right side of the bike.   Your mechanic must normally work on Harleys I think.  

Click here for some reading

Here is something that lists yellow ...

directions for my drag specialities tach are: 

black = ground

green = negative terminal on coil

yellow wire = lamp on

red wire = ignition on (12 v)

twist red and yellow wires together and connect to B+ terminal on the coil

hope this helps.

note: i would assume that your blue wire would be my yellow wire


From: LordRamiro



No mention and no wiring diagram in the box :(


From: RCCola45


Well the back side of your 1st picture looked like what I had but after seeing the front of it ... not even close.

I am giving you a link here ... order at your own risk because its not the same place I ordered from nor can I find the same link ... I ordered mine back in 2006.

The one here looks the same as mine and it states its a duel fire for Sportster or Big Twin which was listed plus other bikes at the time I ordered mine and price I paid back then was 49 or so ... close to this price. 

Click here

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


I got this from Barons website. Not sure if it helps.

In reply toRe: msg 9

From: LordRamiro


I have a good part of the weekend to check this out

I'll keep you posted

Thanks Guys.


Is there a way I could make a Y cable in order to have a reading on both coils or is there a danger of backfire and fire hazard ?