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Vstar 1100 headache   New Member Introductions

Started Jul-11 by Rondawg (RonDoggy08); 483 views.

Hey yall my name is Ronnie ive been riding since 8yrs old.dirtbikea and four wheelers till 20 then got a street bike and I love the speed..but been in a couple wreaks here in Florida so I figured big and loud so I got a great deal on a Yamaha v star 1100..had to clean carbs and typical overhaul on a bike thats been sitting..well been riding it for about 8months had to buy new starter and went the cheap route and that ended in internals just mangled..got new one and when I got this bike there was no sidestand switch it was removed already..had some heath issues and the bike sat for 5 to6 months and now it starts up fine idles revs but as soon as I put into any gear dies with a slight learch forward i dont know whats going on just keeps dying everytime I put in gear warm or other wise


From: Texpatriat


Maybe something to do with that sidestand switch?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Sounds like the clutch plates are stuck together. While warming up the bike exercise the clutch lever and see if that helps. carbs might need cleaning after sitting.

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From: LordRamiro


I know sometimes the dumbest solutions are the right ones,

I know I am fairly new to these forums.... Just a dumb thought I had as I read your post ( Yes considering the experience of riding dirt bikes and 4 wheelers are considered)

but maybe the choke lever doesn't close up the choke completely ?

next in line is the bike stand switch

(as I said, I'm only speaking through My recent experiences with Mine and yes I forgot to switch off the choke completely unamusedsweat )


From: crazeeharry


Just an FYI, the choke on the V star, is not actually a choke, (choking off air supply) to get it rich for starting,  but is actually an enricher, adding extra fuel to aid in cold start up but air flow stays the same.

The good thing about it is:

if you are popping on deceleration, - because you are running lean on the PMS - you can add a little choke and see if the popping goes away, to confirm you need to richen the pms slightly.

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From: LordRamiro


Thanks for the precision Harry,

Didn't know that one but I knew why I have to use it LOL