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Carb service?   General Discussion

Started Aug-22 by SwaMan (swa3); 342 views.
SwaMan (swa3)

From: SwaMan (swa3)


Hi All!

Spent the past 2 weeks off and on cleaning and rebuilding the carbs on my '00 1100 Classic, and now I have a choke problem. It is sticking HARD and almost immovable. If I play with it long enough, I can get the levers to move once or twice before sticking again.

There's a video online that shows the diagnosis and repair of this by a pro, but do to the extent of disassembly and of course the reverse, I feel it's beyond my capabilities, as it involves total disassembly of both carbs to remove burrs and scars from the choke plungers and their cylinders.

Is there anyone on here that services these carbs other than a dealer? Used to be a member who did overhauls, but I can't even remember how to locate him. Any and all advice will be gratefully accepted! THANX!

How to inspect and fix sticking choke plungers on carburetors! Mikuni V Star 1100 example

In this video, I model how to inspect and fix sticking fuel enrichment plungers found on many Mikuni carburetors. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe an...


From: crazeeharry


TimB' Metric Magic" now on facebook "Yamaha star riders" I believe. 

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


You should be able to find Tim on Fakebook here......Yamaha V* 1100 Riders | Facebook