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Drive Shaft....cover?   Technical-Bikes

Started Aug-29 by OldAFVetProf; 879 views.

From: RCCola45


Hi Donn,  not doing to bad here ... the sweet corn is starting to end, nights getting cooler,  next thing will be the white fluffy stuff hitting the ground.   I am heading in for gallbladder removal in two hours so will be off bike for couple weeks and off work for 5-6 weeks maybe.    


From: OldAFVetProf


Thanks, Mick. The guys on this site never disappoint. You are the best. 

Dan (Kamikazedan)

From: Dan (Kamikazedan)


I picked up an '09 as a project bike, and its shaft cover had come loose as well. On close examination, it seems that the spring that snugs the dust seal actually worked its way through the polymer and was rubbing against the cover itself. After some unknown amount of time, it simply wore through the metal tube (which turns with the shaft, btw) creating a wonderfully clean cut. 

As for a fix: I picked up a used final drive on Amazon. Pricier than just removing the cover, but I'd rather it was covered, given my druthers. 


From: OldAFVetProf


Hey Mick. It seems I have another problem in the same area now. I have only gotten one short ride in since I pulled the cover off the drive shaft, what with school starting and it being so hot and I've been busier than a cockroach at a clog dance. So anyway, I get a sort of a heavy clicking noise now from where the drive shaft goes through the boot. When I put it back together and moved the back wheel, everything was quiet and fine. I've got it back on the rack now and when I rotate the rear wheel I get this heavy click where the shaft goes through the boot and into the transmission.  It almost sounds like a chain clicking on a bike with a chain...that's the best way I can characterize it. I thought I did it correctly when I put it back together, however, I was by myself and it was a bit of a struggle. Also, I didn't pull all the way down to the transmission so the plastic cover was in the way when I put it back together and I could not see very well up into the boot. Any ideas?

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Best thing would be to tear it down, check things and reassemble.


From: OldAFVetProf


AAARGH!! I figured you would say that. Of course I agree, but I was just hoping someone would write back, "Oh yeah, that's the mollifier valve. Give it a 1/2 turn to the right to tighten it and every thing should be dandy! Easy to get to, no tear down necessary!" But alas, no.  

You all be safe out there.  Stay frosty.  ;-D