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Single Minuki HSR42 carb   General Discussion

Started Dec-23 by Tuguy54; 317 views.

From: Tuguy54


Anyone here install a HSR42 carb with a 2 to 1 intake on your 1100?

I have all the parts I need for the install but am concerned about the stock TPS, do I need it? More likey because that part adjusts the timing at different throttle positions on the stock setup. I need a bracket fabricated in order to mount the sensor, I wish I was at my summer home where I have all my shop equipment.  Don't have much for tools here in Yuma.

Wondering if maybe just a VOES would work, carb has a port for that, just have to find some parts and wire it in to the TPS wiring.

Any thoughts appreciated.


Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Welcome, a couple guys used to run the single intake and carb but it wasn't popular due to loss of power. With the simplicity of the Mikuni carbs it doesn't make sense to convert. Here is a tiny bit of info from the wKB .  I clicked the link and it looks like the KJS Forum is pretty much dead.   "A rather expensive option to convert the V Star 1100 to a single carb though the use of a specially developed manifold and a carb like the Mikuni HS40. For further information regarding the set up and operation please visit the KJS Owners Group Forum". KJS Owners Group (delphiforums.com)