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over fueling   Technical-Bikes

Started 7/1/22 by nehalliston; 584 views.

From: nehalliston


2004 vstar 1100. have the max air predator pro kit. Have had it in the bike for four years and always got good fuel milage without a stick of trouble. 438 cams from Pacific Coast Cruiser. They have been in the bike for three years with no problems whatsoever. My problems started as soon as I installed a set of Performance plus 2 into 1 exhaust purchased from Pacific Coast Cruiser , as the fuel consumption jumped dramatically. They recommend to run the same size main jets in front and back as the pipes no  longer have that restriction coming off the back head. The max air kit requires a 147.5 main in the front and a 145 main in the back. Because of these new pipes I changed the back main to a 147.5 to match the front. Also when I was in the carbs I tweeked the back float a little bit as it appeared to be a bit out of adjustment. Could I have set it a bit too high and the back bowl is letting in to much fuel causing the high fuel consumption. The max air kit replaces the original  air system with two pods under the tank to increase air flow. I pulled the plugs and the back plug is showing signs of running too rich, black and a bit sooty. Front plug looks good. Besides the heavy fuel consumption, the bikes runs fine. Right now I'm getting 10 litres  to 100 km. before changing the back jet and adjusting the back float I was getting closer to  7 litres to 100 km. Quite a difference.

Donn (99Orton)

From: Donn (99Orton)


Yea, I would check the floats again and set them back to stock, 12mm I think.  What pilot jets? I assume you are using OEM jets?I know Maxx air has you change the floats but it seems to have caused problems in the past.. Not too familiar with PCS products since they aren't a favored vendor here and most don't care for the maxx air setup. Sorry


From: nehalliston


Yeah i put the max air kit in before I knew about this forum. Thanks for the info, and I will set the floats back to stock. pilot jets are stock. I beleive 17. Not 100% sure, although I know they have never been changed


From: Jekel


I started with the Max Air set up, but re-jetted afterwards. Still use their pods.

I have 150 mains and 20 pilots, needles are per KB

unsure of the bigger cams need though. 

I think it is your floats.