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What is this thing in my oil   Technical-Bikes

Started 6/1/23 by desmondbowe; 541 views.

From: desmondbowe


I have a 2005 VStar 1100 Silverado.  I recently installed a magnetic oil plug and the next time I went to change my oil I found this surprise attached to it.  Can anyone help me identify what it is?

The round, flat surface appears machined, and the side where it broke off has some kind of dimple in it like from the tip of a drill bit.  It's almost like the machined edge is a coating over the interior pot metal instead of a milled surface.

God knows how long this has been floating around in there.  The bike has run without issue for several years.  Compression, etc, are all good.  I have never taken my engine apart so I can't visualize what it might be from...and I really don't want to tear my engine apart just to investigate when things seem okay.  My plan now is just to keep riding until something else goes haywire.

But if any of you recognize what this could be from I'm all ears.  thanks.

ABE (spud116)

From: ABE (spud116)


  Maybe a broken off gear tooth? I'm wondering if you had engine kick back and a tooth broke off in the starting clutch area. Look at the pics in the starter clutch repair section of the KB. 

  I'm thinking if your having no issues with sounds or vibration I'd just ignore it. It's possible it's something thats  been in there since the bike was made.



From: desmondbowe


Looked through the pictures I could find in the KB and nothing jumped out at me as being the possible source.

Although now that you mention it, the bike did make an unfortunate banging noise a couple years ago when I first started it up after a round of maintenance.  Very well could have been engine kickback.  All I did was rebuild the carb...and perhaps changed the oil?...nothing to do with the starter, valves, engine timing, etc.  Anyway it freaked me out but then the bike has started and run fine since, so.... :shrug:‍??

So your starter clutch area diagnosis is probably right.  Since it doesn't sound like I'm facing impending doom I guess I'll leave it as a mystery until I have to go in and replace the clutch one day.  thanks.


From: Bri64an


Looks like maybe a piece of the starter clutch.  If I remember there were some little half moon shaped "pins". This kind of goes together the noise you heard when starting that time.