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The U.S. Postal Service could look a lot more like a private corporation in a few years.

The current postmaster general, Megan Brennan, plans to step down from her position in early 2020 after a career in the Postal Service and five years as the first woman to head it. The agency’s board of governors, which is now stocked with a quorum of Senate-approved Trump nominees, will name her successor.

Like other close watchers of the agency, Ronnie Stutts, president of the National Association of Rural Letter Carriers, suspects the board will look outside the Postal Service for its next leader, perhaps to someone in the business world. Stutts’ biggest fear is that it will choose someone eager to spin pieces of the service off to the private sector.

After all, as Fortune recently reported, that’s what the White House has recommended ? to turn the independent federal agency into an investor-owned utility.

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From: MerianaJan-16 7:26 PM 
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Trump would certainly be fine with the postal service becoming an investor owned utility, or having large pieces of it taken over by the private sector, breaking it up into private companies much like what was done with the phone company.  Trump has also been in favor of privatizing the camp grounds in our National Parks.  He's all about big business, not small business but big business, the kind that his family, and very wealthy friends can benefit financially from.


From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-21 5:08 PM 
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The post office has been struggling for years.


From: Jazzy720 DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJan-21 8:18 PM 
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From: MerianaJan-22 6:42 PM 
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Investors won't generally invest in something until they are fairly certain they'll see profits in the near future, and as far as eventually turning it into a privately held corporation, corporations are run to enrich the owners, shareholders, CEO's, and other high up executives.  I don't see a plus side in these ideas


From: Mort15 DelphiPlus Member IconJan-23 3:37 AM 
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Part of the reason the USPS is losing money is because they are required to provide universal service at the same price. The idea that all US residents are entitled to the same service and cost to each and every citizen. If private industry skimmed off the easy profitable part of the service, then rural delivery would have to solely support itself. Paying someone to drive a route that is 150 miles long per day with a minimal volume is much more costly than paying someone to deliver a larger amount of volume on a route that is maybe 20 square blocks. There is even a mail route that delivers mail to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by mules. The price of a letter costs the same as a high rise office in New York City. Some large buildings in the country rent space to the USPS and the carriers from the USPS "punch in" right in a small office in that building and never leave it until their 8 hour shift of delivering the mail to all the floors is complete. That could be highly profitable to a private investor that does not have to even transport the mail across the country. Private business could demand the USPS still did that portion of the work at no charge to them.


From: Angie (AGWILDERMAN) DelphiPlus Member IconJan-23 9:57 PM 
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I'm not in favor of private corporations running the Post Office but I think the Post Office needs some improvement.


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