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Updated Zeta Maps   How-to

Started by random gibberish (Kidmagnet); 8043 views.

(Reposting from Accidental Brilliance)

Click Here to see a Zeta forum (Delphi's soon to be new UI)

Let's start at the top

And let me break a few areas down

I'm showing this with the Profile drop down menu(3) enabled
Clicking on 4 takes you to the new My Forums Page.


1 and 2 - drops down to this


5. Click to see a list of Recent Posters

6. Click to see ALL Messages

7. Click to see Messages Posted Today

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How to read

The forum will default to OneStream. This lays all the messages in a long column. As you move from one discussion to the next, the list of discussions on the left will reflect this by changing colour. The Blue highlighted discussion on the left, matches the message I am reading. As I scroll through OneStream in the middle, the blue will work it's way to the next message on the left. You can watch an introduction video HERE


1. Announcements - click to view anytime

2. The forum's Welcome (former Start) Page

3. OneStream - toggle on

4. Click to begin a New Discussion (see next post for details)

5. Advanced or Expanded search options

6. Quick Search - use the field between 5 and 6 to add your search term.

7. List of Discussions Filter (drop down)

8. Refresh - press this each time you choose a new Discussion Filter, or have read through several messages. It will clear away the ones you have viewed.

9. View changes from OneStream to Discussion. In Discussion view you choose from the list on the left, which discussions you wish to see.

10. This changes color to blue and shows the discussion currently in view.

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Starting a new Discussion

Once you have clicked on New Discussion (4 in previous post) you will see this form. It is fairly easy to follow, but I have typed instruction inside the image. Note - Zeta uses Auto-Fill in the To and CC fields. You do need to know the member name (not nickname) of the person you wish to direct the post to. As long as you know the first few letters, it will kick in with some suggestions. 


Clicking on 4 above, will add a CC field to your message form.
You can add up to three more member names to direct your message to.

This places a Message To Me on their My Forums page counter and if they receive
email notifications, the CCed members will also receive notice of this post.



Instead (or as well as) using the CC field you can use @mentions to also direct a members attention to your message.
This sends a message to their Private Message inbox with a link to your post on the forum.

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Please also see these posts for some other great Zeta Features

New Embed Options

Classic folder view

In-reply-to and "retrace" feature


From: Rusty


Thanks for making these maps, you probably saw we created one like yours for the overall layout and added it to the start page.  Here it is:





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Nice and much less cluttered than mine.

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I have been lazy and using paint, which program did you use? I like the writing on the outer edge like that.


From: Rusty


I actually did that in PowerPoint. It has some nice call out graphics.  And then I just took a screenshot after pressing the "present" button. 

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Thanks - I think mine are too confusing still - the larger ones anyway. But for Delphi's Help Section, your map with some point form directions and close up graphics is perfect I think for helping members find their way around. 

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Hi Rusty

what do I click on to see the Start Page

sorry for being so clueless