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Call them headers, covers or toppers, you need to know how to create great first impressions for your Zeta style forum.

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Zeta Headers

The header is the first thing people see when they enter your forum, and it's important that you make a good first impression. Fuzzy or pixellated images will turn people off, but luckily it's not too hard to create a great looking forum header, even if you have no graphics skills at all. 

Jump in! The water's just fine.

Our Delphi artists will be creating some great forum headers in the years to come, but luckily you can upload images from your computer that will look great, be meaningful, colorful, and convey the mood of your forum - even without an artists' help. 

How do I center the image correctly?
Can't you make this easy?
Header images should be approximately 1200 x 250
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We're not offering the images inside as a collection, but rather, showing you how images of all sizes, types, and from many sources can easily be adapted to use for your Zeta forum header.


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Current forum header is from the Abstract section of Free Web Headers.