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Self defense is important to everyone and knowing how to protect yourself, your family, and property is crucial. Situational awareness is critical and guns can be a valuable part of your self defense strategy, especially concealed carry.

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YouTube gun content changing   Gun Control Debate

Started Jun-9 by WALTER784; 58 views.

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Why I think gun content creators produce unrealistic expectations of what gun owners should be
4 Jun 23

This is one of my weekly commentary videos where I talk about why I think the modern YouTube / Rumble gun media landscape is becoming toxic and how they are creating unrealistic and false expectations of what gun owners should be and how they are turning gun owners on one another.


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YouTube Gun Channel Censorship is Getting Bad
9 Feb 23

Videos depicting safe and legal gun use are getting removed or banned by YouTube. We chime in on our own experiences.

Please follow us on Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/Gunscom



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Officially The End Of Gun Channels On YouTube?
25 Jan 23

Is this really the end of gun channels on YouTube? Let's explore what we know and speculate on the future and let me tell you my plans.

Remember it doesn't take a lot but it does take a lot of us to stick together so we can continue to teach and show people the right to self preservation and the 2nd something every law abiding citizen should have.


Hey quick update. I watched Mrgunsngears video after I seen some of the comments about his troubles and at least have a "clearer" understanding as to what's going on. You may see some videos edited, roughly at times, to delete anything that's not allowed any longer so bear with me. Full versions will be up on Patreon and Rumble. Big thanks to all new Patrons and Channel members that believe in us enough to join. If you signed up for $5 and up, your name will drop in the comments until the next videos are edited and uploaded which will start with the new MCX Spear LT in a couple weeks. I have 4 or 5 already up for early access and members right now on YouTube and Patreon. Thank you all for what you do.



Youtube Banned My Channel Again - For What?
2 Feb 23

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