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Welcome to the world of Michiko Omari...a geisha long ago. Walk over the bridge to Japan of old and share what is most important to my Geisha friend. Travel forward in time and learn about Origami, Ikebana, Bonsai, Noh plays, Kabuki and all things Japanese. In honor of Michiko's pirate grandfather we have a section on pirates here of all ages. Keep to the code of respect. Domo Arigato Satori& Michiko

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Onnagata   History and Life of Geisha

Started May-6 by JustBreathe (satori03); 175 views.

From: WALTER784


Well, if you ever want to come to Japan to see one of his shows, I recommend you book a ticket for one of his shows a month or two in advance.

Once you've got the ticket, then plan your flight. I would recommend leaving the US at least 2-3 days before his show. That way if there is a flight cancellation or major delay, you still have a few days. Likewise, plan for at least one day of jetlag for you to get used to the new time zone. 

You would NOT want to fall asleep in one of his shows, but jetlag can and will do that to you.

Then you can take as many days after his show as you like for sightseeing.