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Japanese Shinkansen   International Train News

Started Sep-14 by WALTER784; 104 views.

From: WALTER784


So you like snow huh?  Then you'll love this! (* CHUCKLE *)


  • Edited September 16, 2021 10:10 pm  by  WALTER784

That is awesome!  Wow! You are riight, I love that, sure is a lot more different then cacti and sand all the time LOL


From: WALTER784


Well, it's nice to take a tour bus through it and then walk back partially through where it is the highest just once... but it's entirely a different thing to live in that area where the first floor of your home doesn't see sunlight for 4 consecutive months because it's snowed in. You cannot get into your house via the front door. You have to walk across the snow to the balcony of your second floor to get into your house. (* GULP *)

Say what? You only have a single story home? Then you better learn to hibernate like the bears! (* CHUCKLE *)


Oh my gosh!  I can deal with  a little snow but not that much  LOL  But I'd still want to visit that!


From: WALTER784


Here is a videoclip of people waiting at a local Shinkansen stop which the super express do not stop at. But you can see several of them pass by.

These trains are all 16 cars long. But they go by you in just a few seconds.

And mind you, this is on a curved track going through a station they don't stop at, but they are nowhere near full speed as they pass through!


Wow, that is awesome!  I think if they were at full speed, they would be a blur!