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Parents dead, 3 kids survive crash   Train Incidents

Started Jul-2 by Feisty Old Broad Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 62 views.

From: WALTER784


That's totally awful to say the least.

The driver with spouse at side and 3 kids in the back disregards crossing signals and places entire family in danger.

And now, 3 of the kids have neither parent to take care of them.

This is beyond stupid... it's ludicrous!


It is.  It's so sad for the kids.  Why do people have to be in such a rush?  This kind of stupidity I can't understand.


From: bembidion1


I know this is nothing new, but I can't count the number of times I saw people going around the gates and flashing lights trying to beat the train when I lived in South Carolina.  I also recall a report of one fatality in my town when a car with a couple of people got clipped by a train and the car was hurled into a ditch.  Some of those trains would really move fast (Amtrak, NS roadrailers).  I do wonder if part of the problem was that there were, at times, crossing gate malfunctions where the gates, lights and bells would be operating but there was no train.  People may have gotten the idea to not take the warning too seriously.  It does seem strange that drivers wouldn't at least notice the train horn unless they had very loud music playing.

Now I live in Meriden, CT and we have a lot of passenger trains.  I have never seen anyone trying to beat the train.  To its credit, the state (probably Department of Transportation) put up signs several weeks before the startup of CT rail warning motorists of the impending increase of train frequency.  Before that, we had several Amtrak trains and a few freights; now we have all three.
























I think it's a society thing; people are in too much of a hurry and think they can beat the train or they are distracted by loud music and cell phones.  Or are driving impaired.