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From: Marci (marcinmin) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by hostJun-4 9:18 AM 
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A conservative writer has confirmed a report that former President Donald Trump is telling associates that he expects to be reinstalled as president this summer. 

“The scale of Trump’s delusion is quite startling,” National Review senior writer Charles C.W. Cooke wrote on the magazine’s website.

Cooke said “an array of different sources” confirmed a report earlier this week by New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, who said on Twitter that Trump has been sharing the popular new QAnon talking point.

But Cooke went even further, saying Trump not only believes he’ll be put back into the Oval Office but also that he will be gifted with a Republican majority in the Senate, believing that two Democrats will be booted from Congress and replaced by the GOP candidates they defeated. 

He cautioned conservatives against downplaying or dismissing the report. 

“This is not merely an eccentric interpretation of the facts or an interesting foible, nor is it an irrelevant example of anguished post-presidency chatter,” he wrote. “It is a rejection of reality, a rejection of law, and, ultimately, a rejection of the entire system of American government.”  Trump, he wrote, is “so unmoored from the real world that it is hard to know where to begin in attempting to explain him.”

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From: BlueManDudeJun-4 9:20 AM 
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From: BlueManDudeJun-4 9:22 AM 
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From: LB136 DelphiPlus Member IconJun-4 9:44 AM 
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It's just his latest con. Of course he knows he lost. Come on, people.

--Leslie-- Currently in New York City: Click for New York, New York Forecast

From: David (DAVEBUTLER) DelphiPlus Member IconJun-4 12:04 PM 
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There's a reason his staffers call him "the 45th President", and never "the former President". It's not the Big Lie/*, it's Donnie's Delusion.

/* when it comes from his mouth; others lie to appease him.


From: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member IconJun-4 1:06 PM 
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Trump’s Planned ‘Reinstatement’ Is No Joke

Seth Masket: “If Trump is trying to recruit allies for his reinstatement, at what point to we treat this not as a delusion but as a coup attempt? He kinda has priors.”

Lilly Goren: “Usually this turns into a civil war of some kind, at least if the deposed king is still wandering around. #Machiavelli had a lot to say about what to do with bloodlines, though that was much more in keeping with principalities and monarchies and not elected democracies/republics.”

Jonathan Bernstein: “It’s quite possible that Trump doesn’t realize what he’s proposing is flat-out illegal.”

Trump is not kidding at all.  Since he left office, he's surrounded by nothing but lackeys and screwballs so there's been no one to say no to him about anything, including his delusions.  Of course, what Trump is thinking doesn't matter, but if he is telling everybody that he will return to power in August, the Crazy Few might decide that it's time to take the Capitol insurrection on the road, especially in whatever places Trump decides are rightfully wins for him.

The man has been sick for a long time, but now he's entered the "danger to himself and others" territory, and he has plenty of folks who are afraid to tell him that it's not only a terrible idea, but the Big Lie as well.


From: ponyiiJun-5 9:01 AM 
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You give Chump too much credit. No doubt he still seeks to enrich himself. In any situation, what he can gain is his primary concern.

That being said, what Trump believes has long been divorced from reality. He truly believes he won 2020. He truly believes he won the popular vote 2016. He truly believes Obama was born in Kenya. He truly believes all the conspiracy theories he espouses. That is his reality.

That level of delusion coupled with his incredible stupidity (nuke a hurricane...anyone?) is what made him such a danger to this country.


From: GenesisCruzJun-7 2:14 AM 
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Hello, It is very nice and informative post!!!


From: LB136 DelphiPlus Member IconJun-7 10:00 AM 
To: David (DAVEBUTLER) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 13) 
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It's all part of the con, my friend. 

--Leslie-- Currently in New York City: Click for New York, New York Forecast

From: LB136 DelphiPlus Member IconJun-7 10:02 AM 
To: Black Cat (NYTSHADE) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 13) 
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OK, let him try another insurrection, with a president who will immediately order the military to stop it. I hope they do try. I want to see those proud bois and bugleboys and etc. stand up to a tank. 


--Leslie-- Currently in New York City: Click for New York, New York Forecast

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