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Export / Import 2020 Design V11 Preferences   General

Started 11/13/17 by jckeme; 407 views.

From: jckeme


Is there a way to export or backup 2020 Design v11 Settings and Preferences? 

And then re-import these Settings/Preferences into a separate PC? 

I am moving my 2020 Design to a new PC and do not want to go through the hassle of setting up all my settings/preferences from scratch. 


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From: langensiepen


I have a free Backup and Restore script for V10/V11 that backups up Registry settings, config files and custom textures to a folder called 2020RESCUE on the desktop.

1) Install the script to both computers (uncompress the file to your desktop and you should see an icon called V112020SettingsSaver.cmd)

2) Double click the cmd file to run the script and backup the settings of computer A

3) Copy the newly created 2020RESCUE folder from the desktop of computer A to the desktop of computer B (via memory stick or whatever)

4) Run the script again to restore the settings to computer B

Script is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbwkpx6h2ptp2rk/V112020SettingsSaver.zip?dl=0

I accept no liability for the use of the script. The script is pretty self explanatory. It doesn't take over catalogues so you will have to manually install these on computer B BEFORE running the restore.

Any suggestions for improving the script are welcome.