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2020 v. Drawing Layout Crash   Version 11

Started 11/14/17 by TSOL; 840 views.
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From: langensiepen


The Radeon Settings page will come up and looks like this 

Go to Preferences

Go to Additional Settings and this should pop up

Make sure Design.exe is listed and set to High Performance. If using V11.7 onwards, make sure you ad LeRendu.exe as well. If you don't get the above screens then you will have to google it as I can only show you what comes up on mine. I try and stay away from AMD now and typically ONLY recommend NVidia.

If the pictures are showing too small then sorry, I capture at full resolution so they are probably being resized by the forum.

The other thing to do is set the defaults

I have to be honest and say that the AMD drivers are crap and I am never sure if my notebook is running Design and LeRendu on the AMD adapter as no matter what I do, the AMD Manager says this:

And I am running an external monitor AND 2020 Design AND a render all of which should have forced it to use the AMD


From: TSOL


Thank you again for your detailed help. I will look into those adjustments this evening.  Also thank you for the Settings Utility you created.  There is such a need for a tool like that.

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From: langensiepen


No problem. 

I created the utility out of my own needs. Took about 5 minutes and I'd wasted so much time before!