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Help with Project Shop Drawings   Job Postings

Started 11/20/17 by AZmanATheart; 689 views.

From: Dehutch


Hello AzmanATheart,

I may be interested depending on when you need them and if a price can be reached. I have 8 years experience in Chief Architect working with an architect and 4 years experience in 20/20 Program having since then moved into kitchen & bath design. Apart from that I have worked as an artist, carpenter and craftsman for several years. Are you looking for someone to design the space or take what you have and put it into drawings?

Please email me at dehutch82@gmail.com.

Blessings and Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Holiday!



From: McAniff


Sent you PM, can't send pics or pdf that way and no email. I'm in the process of transitioning to just doing drawings for others. 20yrs experience in Kitchens another 6 with CAD. Assorted programs but I prefer to work in Chief Architect nowadays but

can work from 2020 xml files using Envisioneer and any version of 2020 but can also move them. (have V9) Set up for distance collaboration-Bluebeam Studio, changing from Basecamp to Wimi, Zoom web meetings. I live for deadlines and scheduling BUT not emergencies.  Images are pieces from finished plans (only part)

First is 20 office and reception area complex,

2nd is from multi room apartment job, 3rd is large kitchen and then some. All projects include complete schedules, dimensions, etc. (demo plans, lighting, electric, framing, cabinet details, etc. are all available as needed.)

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From: McAniff


Those images did not come out as I expected they might.

Here is pdf of the same. 


From: amg485


Hello AZmanATheart,

I offer freelance kitchen and bath design service. I have around 8 years of experience using 2020 design software and I have my own copy of 2020 design. Let me know if you are still looking for help with shop drawings.


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