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This forum is for spiritual education. It may include some Homeschool topics as related to education, history, and science as well, but the focus is upon spiritual discussions. Let us know how you are doing!

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The Spiritual Education Forum


Please participate in any of the discussions listed on the left or post your own new discussion. You may post and leave copies of things like PowerPoints that homeschool parents would like to consider with their children or that adults would like on a variety of topics. The promotion of the teaching of evolution, however, will not be allowed except articles and comments that present it in a discussion format as to its validity. The forum owner will decide if it's pertinent.

This message board will allow you to help keep in touch with contacts, exchange ideas, post files for discussion, and maintain a searchable archive of all conversations. Please read the introductory message(s) for forum rules and guidelines which is always the first post and will be bumped from time to time. Bible topics are at times discussed and presented for education. There are special folders for topics in the gradeschool format for subjects.

Note: this board is customized for you, and read messages will not be displayed every time you enter. These messages are still accessible through the search/find buttons or the links on the left. Basic members and Visitors will only see 30 days worth. I suggest you get DelphiPlus for maximum searching and maximum usage of the site. A bare minimum is Delphi Extra which will remove ads for you for $20 a year. This will be one way to go back as far as you'd like or in the case of DelphiExtra, for one year. I have enjoyed DelphiPlus since it's founding and for me is the preferred method for DelphiForums. The forum's ad-free status has been destroyed by DF upgrades and updates or the lack of them.

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