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Welcome to Chinese Visa


A New Type of Visa--Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur Visa targeted at newly graduates, graduates within two years and overseas people interested in doing business in China


Are you going to graduate in this year?

Are you going to start your business in China?

Are you planning to stay in China in an easy way?  


"New Visa" is for YOU!

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What is "New Visa" for 2019?

AnyHelper now is officially launching a new service-"New Visa for 2019" on 1st January, which is an entrepreneur visa service package, being the only official supplier across China. It is a new type of work visa targeted at newly graduates, graduates within two years and overseas people interested in doing business in China, Shanghai in particular. With it, you can start your own business in China or just obtain a long period of time to explore your future in China within 7 days! 

What are the advantages?


“Easy”  compared with the work visa or other visas, Entrepreneur Visa is the most convenient. With basic materials and our help, this visa will be on your passport ASAP.

“ Fast”  Normally, other visas needs around a month to process, but the entrepreneur visa only takes 7 working days. 

“Cheap”  Entrepreneur visa can stay in China for a longer time at the same cost.

What can we provide for PISA members?

AnyHelper has cooperated with PISA and now is going to provide a VIP visa service for PISA. 

For every member from PISA, 

30% OFF You can enjoy a 30% off discount for visa service in AnyHelper, whether you are looking for the entrepreneur visa or work visa. 

FREE CONSULTING If you meet any difficulty in explaining how to obtain the work visa for HR, you can also contact AnyHelper for help.

Btw, you need to mention that you are from PISA as a Password.


Successful Examples:

1. Name: Mary

   Nationality: Norway

   Academic degree: bachelor degree

   University: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

2. Name: Nataliia

    Nationality: Ukraine

    Academic degree: master degree

    University: Ningbo University

3. Name: Lolita

    Nationality: Russia

    Academic degree: bachelor degree

    University: Shanghai University

4. Name: David

    Nationality: Britain

    Academic degree: bachelor degree

    University: Tongji University


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