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<p>Welcome to the EvoForum. Please participate in any of the discussions listed on the left or post your own new discussion.</p>
<p>BTW, this forum is for THE Evo...the Lancia Delta Integrale and all its variants and predecessors (plus other Lancias too).</p>
<p>The reason we drive Integrales? Well we want to feel the kick in the back, feel each block of tread as it tries in vain to cling to the tarmac, feel the pads biting into the discs, experience the chassis writhing as the 4 wheels chatter with one another over who's going to grip the longest, get that rush as we become the organic part of a purposeful machine....ENOUGH SAID!</p>
<p>Check the Indexing / FAQ section <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. You will probably find that your burning question has been discussed before. Some excellent information and advice are offered.</p>

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<p>This message board will allow you to help keep in touch with contacts, exchange ideas, post files for discussion, and maintain a searchable archive of conversations.</p>
<p>Come on in- we would love to see you :-)</p>
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