Facebook Jail Break

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We busted out of the Facebook Prison and did our own thing - Family & Friends, All welcome. Let's take it back OLD SCHOOL STYLE!

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Live Story: Facebook Jail Break

Over time, Facebook has become a cesspool of human non-credibility and as stenchy as it once was prior to this time, it became a hot mess between the years 2016-2020, worse than it had ever been before, We were the first to develop social media long before Facebook existed, but so many people went over to that direction that we spent seven years (too long) trying to discover exactly what made Facebook so "different"? The caustic agent of the Trump administration's green tentacles all over the site (later discovered to be threats from the high sheriff of DC at the time NOT to regulate FB if they bowed down to Trump's will and allowed him to say whatever he wanted) made it a slimy place to have freedom of speech, but also to express an opinion about anything without being "restricted" or blocked for basically doing nothing more than expressing an opinion. We don't allow verbal abuse of other persons, no matter who they are, but if you have an issue with someone based on their tactics or actions, or even the THINGS THEY DO, that is one thing. To actually be restricted on this site, you have to attack a person for being who they are, not because they did or said something that sat wrong with you. We mind our manners, but we are not unwelcoming of all attitudes -even if people have something to express about the nature of the way churches and religions are being launched. An opinion about a "church" or religion or religious mindset is not, for an example, a reason to block people; but a strong opinion about something they've done or what they appear to symbolize or represent is not considered a personal insult to anyone in particular. If you're tired of Facebook's BS, when you come here, you have circumstantially "blocked," "terminated," "bozo'd" and abandoned Facebook and the world is again, what it should be. We are organized and efficient and we are designed to STAY ON TOPIC and not be all over the place with the things we like to communicate to others.



Welcome to Facebook Jail Break




Make yourself at home. ALL FACEBOOK REFUGEES and JAILBREAKERS, this is a permanent or temporary holding cell for your spirited conversations, photos and journals while you await release.

You might even decide to ditch Facebook once and for all and stay around here.


This nation built an entire culture around conversation, you should be free to speak your mind and beliefs at all times without fear of reprisal unless you are committing a crime that would merit FBI and Justice Department Investigation.

Please be:
Thoughtful. Colorful. Spirited. Engaged. Involved.

Don't be:
Hatefully mean (anger is anger, tho, 4realz). Argumentative without justifiable reason. Abusive-period. Threatening-period. Vulgar - at all.

Other than that, you all good.

Or more eloquently stated by William Shakespeare: Conversation should be pleasant without scurrility, witty without affectation, free without indecency, learned without conceitedness, novel without falsehood.



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