Believer, Un-Believer, and Ex-Believers

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This forum is for debating Non-belief and belief issues. Religious and Free Thinkers are welcome. Topics relating to religion and being without it are open to discussion. All people are welcome, all views are respected, and tolerance is something we try to uphold, even when differing in opinions. We have topics ranging from Politics, Tolerance, Education, Science, Creation vs Evolution, and much more.

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 ~Believers, Un-Believers, and Ex-Believers~

Welcome to BUE the Forum for all Free Thinkers of any belief or non-belief!

This forum was formed to invite those who like a lively debate of all beliefs, topics, and religions. It is a forum for adult people to speak their mind and listen to and debate other opinions, whether they differ or are similar. Keep both of these principles in mind when you post or when you receive a posting: free thinking and lively debates are to be expected. The core idea is free speech that is coherent and makes sense. There are a few cases in which we put forum peace over free speech. You can find them explained in the rules below. I ask that you make a good effort to respect the rights of others, including those whose beliefs or opinions do not agree with your own, and that you use good manners and courtesy.

Feel free to post a new thread (see below) or add your own input to one already in existence. But strive to leave the integrity of an ongoing discussion intact and to not interrupt a discussion by posting scores of unrelated statements that make it hard to spot the original line of thought.

This forum is designed for mature adults who like to have intelligent adult conversations and debates. We have a constantly evolving variety of great topics and opinions. From esoterics to science, alternative lifestyles to education to history and politics, and all kinds of religion to agnosticism and atheism. Everyone should be able to find something to enjoy. Do not feel compelled to respond or participate in topics you do not enjoy. Use the ignore button, if a particular poster's world view irks you.

There are only a few rules that I ask of you:

If you cannot stay within these rules, I ,Young Gandalf [in the spirit of hosts emeritus, Tina (Punjab) and the late Wanderer] , or the Chat Moderators Terry (Elderwulf), Darwinia, and RebeccahQP, have every right to take control of diverging discussions, warn, gag, and ban you if need be.

The forum rules:

1. Personal attacks are not welcome here.

Everyone has the right to believe what each deems appropriate. Having a belief does not mean one is right: it means that one has made up one's mind about an issue that is difficult to decide based on the evidence. Others may, therefore, disagree and see evidence that they already find compelling, which contradicts the belief and cannot just be disregarded out of hand. While there is often an objective case to be made, people enjoy the right to express their opinions. Such opinion can also be criticized or dismissed.

You will be warned, gagged, or booted out for good if you cannot refrain from name calling or insulting another person for any reason. This includes often indirect or understated insinuations that someone is stupid, etc.

On the other hand, ideas, beliefs, and opinions are open to criticism. When the idea, belief, or opinion has or is likely to cause harm it is understandable that people react strongly to it. We will strive to keep the rule response adequate to the case.

Also, do not call anyone here a "liar". That just leads to unnecessary flaming and it is frowned upon.

2. Incoherent and grossly offensive speech is not protected under the rules, does not further debate, and does not represent the speaker ina good light. It may be sanctioned if it becomes disruptive to the forum.

3. White supremacy and Nazi ideas and ideology are not welcome here and will not be tolerated. As forum host, I will act as the last arbiter to decide whether borderline and pernicious statements of this kind warrant expulsion from the forum. I will also look into other claims of unreasonable and hateful points of view that were presented as free speech.

4. No Copyright infringements. Compliance with Delphi TOS regulations is expected.

Cite the source of what you copy, make clear what is copied, and keep the copied part reasonably small (typically less than 10% of the source).

As the medium that we are using is the internet, links to the original are expected where available. Sources, which are not on the internet or which you do not find on the internet, should be referred to properly by full title and author(s).

5. Existing or ongoing troubled discussions from other forums are not to be carried over to BUE. If you have a best enemy on some other forum keep the issues there!

6. Sexual innuendos, come-ons, or harassments of any kind are also frowned upon.

7. No Spamming or duplicate posts allowed, *but* you are always welcome to advertise your own forum or favorite website.  

8. No proselytizing in BUE! This is what is meant: Belief based ideas are at times presented in an obnoxious or invasive, and often persistent and repetitive manner. Ultimately, there is a direct or indirect intent to either convert or to discredit all other opinion.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

posting of scripture quotes or other opinion 'gospel' without an attempt by the poster to comment or qualify,

posting of endlessly repeated political opinion that has poor factual support or does not respond to reasoned argument,

posting of strong convictions about topics like gun rights or abortion that defy reason, outright resentment of everything Western/Arab/Chinese etc., or sexual lifestyle questions.


Conversations about these topics are still possible: However, moderators will keep an eye on the intent behind posts as far as it can be discerned and will make judgment calls on a case by case basis. Free speech is a core value of this forum and the forbidding or restriction of any topic is some infringement of free speech and will not be set lightly.

A tried practice that can create some middle ground is to open designated threads to which certain topics can be limited. I reserve the right to declare such 'safe zones' in the spirit of allowing the topic but stopping flaming. Participation in safe zone posting will be viewed accordingly, as will continued posting of that topic outside of the safe zone.


As forum host I will act as a last resort arbiter. Feel free to bring to me in private any unresolved issue that you may have with moderators with regard to forum rules. I may then keep such requests private, if you ask for it, but may otherwise discuss such issues with moderators on the forum business folder that is not accessible for the public.



To set a positive example, host and moderators will strive to exemplify the rules by their own conduct.

Young Gandalf