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David was considered a friend of God. Jesus told his disciples they were no longer servants, but his friends, if they did what he commanded. We are his friends, not because of us, but, because he first loved us

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Welcome to God's Friends



Make yourself at home. This is a place for you to feel at home. This brand new forum is under construction, but, feel free to engage in discussions, and make suggestions. 
The host works three jobs, so, be patient as things grow and please do not take it personally if you do not get a response quickly. As a former moderator under the Adult Christian Forum, this forum will be moderated similarly as that forum, and will be looking for people to moderate here. Initially, for obvious reasons we can only accept people known to the forum host; but as people become known to us we will be happy to prayerfully consider others. 

There are many types of people who will come through here, and I understand that it is impossible to please everyone. It has come to my attention that some people will not return to a forum that has a "Privacy Invader" folder, where you are asked to introduce yourself. I, of course want every one who comes here to feel welcome, and for everyone to get to know others. But, as a privacy advocate myself, I understand that you may not feel comfortable sharing. That is fine. These posts are for those who feel comfortable sharing. and for those who wish to know more about people who are sharing and discussing issues. So, do not feel as if you "have to" share. Come in, read posts, come in reply, come in and chat, make some friends, or stay in the background. Whatever your level of comfort is, is great. 

This is a Christian forum, and as such, there will be a myriad of topics and discussions relating to the Christian faith. All denominations are welcome here. We will discuss a variety of opinions and beliefs. Logically, not all opinions can be correct. Please understand that it is the stance of this forum that God is all knowing and accepts each of us, even where we believe incorrectly. As such, since we are not all knowing, should we be any less accepting of those who disagree with our beliefs? We will disagree, and perhaps on every issue, maybe only on a few issues, but, when we do disagree with another person, that is ok, just do so respectfully. 
There will undoubtedly be people who come in and do not understand how "otherwise intelligent people" could possibly believe in such things. Some may be agnostics, some atheists, some of a different religion altogether. No matter, all are welcome, but, I expect respect from you, and I expect you to be respected. Nobody will be turned away simply because you are not a Christian, disagree with another person. It will be based on how one treats others.  

As time goes on, if there is sufficient need and people, we'd like to become a full scale forum, with scheduled live chats, and eventually, open 24/7 with moderators here to assist you. For now, everything is "bare bones", discussions and chats. In the meantime, please feel free to start discussions, and join chat. And any suggestions you have, feel free to send them to me via private message. 

We as Christians are God's Friends, and want you to feel at home here. If you do not know God, we hope you can know him. 
Thank you for coming in,