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The Sapient Sanctuary is a forum dedicated to quality flame-free civil discussion since 2001. Quality over quantity is paramount! We believe civil debate can bring forth a new era of understanding and camaraderie and ultimately, a peaceful society. Topics range from politics, social issues, to sex, family, religion and local stuff. We can also be silly sometimes! Diverse opinions of all political persuasions are always welcome.

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Welcome to "The Sapient Sanctuary"
The staff at The Sapient Sanctuary have diverse voices and varying opinions about many subjects.

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This forum is a fun place were people can exchange ideas, dreams, and opinions about our world today, yesterday and tomorrow in a free and open environment. Please feel free to discuss anything in the news or on your mind that interest you from Politics, Science, Philosophy, Education, National Policy, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can even discuss your pet. Diversity of opinions and subject matter are most welcome.

Every effort is made on to accommodate the widest possible range of views and allow the greatest freedom of expression. However, because this forum advocates free speech and civil rights, we must establish rules of behavior for the safety and enjoyment of all members. As such, please read this list of rules and guidelines. We abide by these and expect our members to as well.

To those who are prone to torvity, churlishness, irascibility, brusquerie, captiousness and such, remember the Forum Hosts' regards this forum to be like their "living rooms," not a public free-for-all; however, those who contribute to the ambiance will always be welcome here.

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